As we brought in the new year, there were a few things I was hoping we'd be able to leave in 2018. Among those things was the stigma our society has on makeup. This is something I still see every day coming from both guys and girls.

To set the record straight before I go any further, there is nothing wrong with choosing to wear makeup, and there is nothing wrong with choosing not to wear makeup. There is nowhere that states you do or don't have to wear makeup. That is a decision for you to make for yourself, and you're beautiful either way.

Personally, I enjoy wearing makeup, but I've always been questioned about it.

Things like: Why are you wearing so much makeup to school?

Why are you putting on makeup only to wear it for a few hours?

Why do you think you need to wear makeup?

Do you wear makeup because you think you're not beautiful?

Do you wear makeup to attract boys?

I tend to wear makeup for one of two reasons. The first one being that it's fun. It's fun to play around with different colors. It's fun to play around with the features on my face and see what I can make of them that day. It's like art class on my face.

The second one has more to do with the fact that I am a literal zombie in the mornings, and the process of doing my makeup helps me ease into waking up.

Very rarely do I wake up and think, "Oh, I look really ugly today. I should cover that up with makeup." To be quite frank, if my confidence is that low, I do not want to look in a mirror for however long it takes to get the job done.

Furthermore, if I do decide to try to "cover it up", the end result does absolutely nothing for my confidence. Makeup doesn't have a hand in my confidence; especially when I know by the end of the day I'll be washing it off. My confidence comes directly from within.

In my eyes, makeup has always been and will always be an art form. The canvas just so happens to be your face.