10 Signs You're Addicted To Makeup

Being addicted to make up is a complete guilty pleasure. For some people, they slowly start to become an amateur makeup artist. For me, I just like to try EVERYTHING and still can't apply half of it right. But no matter what, you still love trying everything to find that perfect combination and get your dream look. If you are someone who is addicted to using/ buying makeup or are on your way, you'll be able to relate to these things:

1. You check Sephora/Ulta's website at least once a day.

And you probably also always end up checking your favorite brands' website to see what's new.

2. When you find a product you like you have your daily use one, a back up and a back up for your back up...

It's your daily go to.

3. You constantly watch youtube tutorials to learn how to master your favorite products.

One day you hope it actually comes out like the tutorial.

4. Your friends always make sure you're aware of a sale.

And most the time they've already bought something for themselves.

5. Your bank account is suffering...

But you're still trying to find ways to justify buying more.

6. Samples are EVERYTHING!

Too Faced and many other brands give two free samples with every order!

7. Your holiday wish lists are 99% makeup products.

And you probably have them ranked in order of which ones you want most.

8. Your idea of a good time involves organizing all your products.

It's also a good feeling to layout everything you have, and see what you need to add to your arsenal.

9. You carry a pouch of make up with you in your purse.

Usually multiple lip glosses, compacts, etc.

10. Your heart breaks when your go-to product gets discontinued.

It's like a part of you will be missing.

Can any of you beauty product addicts out there relate to any of these ten things?

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