As Taylor Swift would say, "I don't know about you. But, I'm feeling 22!"

After 22 years of life, I've come to realize that when we close our eyes, take a deep breath, and blow out the candles, we all wish for something. Even though we may deny it, we all hope. We hope for the year ahead. We make a wish upon the new year and cross our fingers that it comes true.

We secretly hold onto this dream, this hope, this desire. The cake may disappear and the candles are thrown in the trash, but that wish still lingers in the forefront of our minds. It sits there and collects dust; never spoken and never accomplished. We wish and hope, but do nothing to make these dreams come true.

As I say "goodbye" to year 21 and "hello" to year 22, I want to make it a point to dust off some of the years of wishes I've place upon a shelf. I've blown out the candles on 22 birthday cakes, I've made 22 years worth of wishes, and it's time I start placing these dreams, these "wishes" before the Lord.

So, I'm breaking the tradition. I'm telling someone else what I've wished for. I'm not afraid that it won't come true, because I share it with another. But rather, I'm confident that as I blowout the candles on another cake with chocolate frosting, God has my back. He will be listening once again, like every year before, God will take my wish and us it for His good.

5 "wishes" I'm placing before the Lord this year:

1. I Wish For Confidence.

Every year, I wish for confidence. I make a wish and send up a prayer that I'll walk confidently in everything I do. So, this year I want to place this wish before the Lord. I want to place my confidence in His hands.

As I wish upon this new year of life, may God fill me with His confidence and love.

2. I Wish For Clarity Of Purpose.

Sometimes I loose sight of my purpose. I lack clarity. I get caught up in other peoples accomplishments and loose sight of my purpose. But, this year I'm praying that God guides me towards His purpose for me. I pray that he leads me and I have the strength, and the courage to continually follow His plans.

3. I Wish For Love.

When I was a little girl, blowing candles out on her birthday, I would wish for a fairy tale love. I would make a wish and pray that someday God would give me the "perfect" guy, the "perfect" love. But, this year I'm wishing for something a little bit different. This year, I'm NOT wishing for "prince charming." Instead, I'm wishing that I will be able to share God's love with others. I pray and wish that this year God will place opportunities before me where I can radiate His love. Yes, the little girl in me still wishes for the "perfect" guy. But, I've grown up over the years, and I've realized that it's always better to give God the pen. So, I'm letting it go. I'm allowing God to be the time keeper. I will patiently wait this year, and every year after, until the man God has made for me waltzes into my life.

So, I'm making a wish. I'm blowing out the candles, and praying that God allows me to radiate His love this year. Lord, give me opportunities this year and everyday to share the wonder of your Love.

4. I Wish For Peace Of Mind.

I wish for peace of mind. I pray that this year I will be content in the now. I will not run forward, but rather, I will find peace in the quiet and in the chaos. I will be content in the now, and have peace of mind for the future. I pray that God's peace is present in my life and in the chaos as the days continue on.

5. I Wish For Joy.

Every year I've wished for joy. For joy in the everyday, in the adventures and for joy to be present in every situation So, this year it's no different. I'm praying once again that this year would be filled with countless moments of pure joy.

I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and make a wish for the year ahead.