10 tips on making it through the semester.
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10 Ways To Make Your Semester Go Smoothly

Doing well in the semester isn't just going to happen magically.

10 Ways To Make Your Semester Go Smoothly

Summer is coming to an end (sadly) and now you have to start thinking about your semester that's coming up. Your sleeping schedule is probably all messed up and you might not have been in an exact routine all summer, but now it's time to get back on track. Fall semester can sometimes feel like the busiest semester, but here are 10 ways to make your semester go smoothly!

1. Stay ahead on everything.

Even if you have an assignment that isn't due for a couple more weeks, but you have time to get started on it, you should. There is no better feeling than having already started an assignment and only having to work a little bit on it the night before it's due.

2. Get sleep.

This has probably been said more than once to college students, but it's really the best advice. It doesn't do you any good to stay up ALL night studying because chances are you're just staring at everything you need to study and not really remembering any of it.

3. Eat healthly food/ eat in general.

I love going out for pizza and ice cream as much as any person, but I noticed I always feel better when I eat healthier food. Besides eating healthy food a college student should try to eat in general. Even if you're not a breakfast person it doesn't do you any good to skip it, try to find something that keeps you full and doesn't make you feel sick in the morning.

4. Exercise.

I know it would be much more comfortable to come home after class and watch Netflix, but exercising can really help you when you have a lot to do that night. Not only does it make you feel good that you're being active, but it also gives you the energy you need in order to get everything done.

5. Hang out with your friends.

It's Friday night and you might feel like you need to get ahead on work for the weekend which is great, but it won't hurt you if you take that night to just go hang out with your friends. It's always good to give yourself a break and go see that movie you've been wanting to see or go get that ice cream you've been craving since Monday!

6. Write down your worries or tell someone about them.

It doesn't do you any good to just have your worries go through your head again and again. I always find it stress relieving when I would either write down what I was worried about, tell my parents or talk about it with my friends. It helps to get good advice from others that maybe could help take that weight off your shoulders.

7. Go to your professors office hours.

Your professors don't schedule office hours just to hang out at school more, they make them so you can go to them! It's not weird to bring in old homework or new homework and ask for help on it or even just asking about something you were confused on in class. They are there to help and want to help, plus when you finally understand something it makes your life so much easier.

8. Write down you assignments in a planner.

You don't even have to have a planner, but writing down assignments makes life easier. It allows you not to come into class the next day and think that wasn't due today was it?! Also, it's a good feeling when it's a crazy week and you can start crossing off all the assignments that are done.

9. Go to class!

Even if you're taking a class that should be simple still go! You never know when your professor might say something that isn't on the syllabus. Also, if it's a harder class there could be something the professor thought he or she should explain in class that day because it could have been too complicated to explain over an email.

10. Use all the time you are given.

If you only have 30 minutes in between a class that's still 30 minutes you could be ahead on an assignment. Use all the time throughout the day you're given, you never know when something might come up and you have less time that night to work on assignments.

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