3Things I Do To Make My Day Better

3Things I Do To Make My Day Better

"When you sing out a song at the top of your lungs it always makes you feel on top of the world."

Sabrina Wood

Whenever I wake up in the morning and know that it is going to be or crappy, or if I am just in a bad mood, I try to do these three things to make myself and my body feel better. Hopefully, you'll catch on to these too!

1. Writing

When I wake up in the morning I write in my journal; I like to just put a couple things I am thankful for. Whether it be deep and emotional or just about the things and people that I have in my life. It helps you understand the good things you should be thankful for in your life as well as knowing that there are many more, small, reasons in life to why you should be grateful and thankful. For an example, I will list off some things that I have put in my journal in the past...

-my close-knit family

-the new house I moved into/rooming with a good friend

-starting my first post on The Odyssey

-my health and happiness

It always makes you feel better in the morning, or at any part of the day, knowing that you have so much going for you in life. It helps me realize that if I am having a bad day I have a lot more things to be grateful for in my life; like family, friends, and a roof over my head.

2. Yoga

Everyone has those different forms of exercise that make them feel amazing. Mine is yoga. This is because it's just a relaxing flow-through motion; it makes you think internally. By this, I mean the moves, the way you are feeling while doing yoga, and how relaxed you feel after. I use an app called "Down Dog" and it gives you different levels of difficulty, music, as well as step by step moves. I like to do yoga most days in the morning so I can start my day off with positive vibes and a great attitude. There are also many yoga studios around town that are amazing, like 4th Ave Yoga; you can go to most of these classes free on your first time just to make sure you like the teacher and the "vibes" of the studio. You can also take different yoga classes at the University of Arizona recreational center. You can either get a full semester pass for $60 or you can pay per class which is $7. I definitely recommend them, either before you go to class or at the end of the day when you are winding down!

3. Music

Music makes everyone's day better, especially when you are doing something that is "not really up your alley". I listen to music when I am getting ready for the day, taking a shower, or even driving somewhere in my car. My top three favorite playlists right now are "Hot Country" on Spotify, "Songs to Sing in the Car" on Spotify and "Top Hits" on Spotify. When you sing out a song at the top of your lungs it always makes you feel on top of the world. I love singing in the shower and in the car, even though my voice sounds like a dying cat. Sing out your feelings with your friends or even just alone; as long as it makes you feel better then why not?!

When you wake up in the morning or are done with all of your running around for the day, try some of these ideas, or create some of your own. You can do these throughout your day as well, as long as they make you happier!

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