Make America United Again

No one was prepared this past week when it was announced that business mongrel Donald Trump became the president-elect.

A lot of people felt, and still feel angry about election results, and rightfully so. While polls and media predicted a win for Clinton the exact opposite occurred. As a result, people from both sides took to Facebook to lash out not only at Trump or Clinton supporters, but third-party voters in particular.

They demanded people unfollow them, unfriend them, they told them, specifically third party voters their vote and by some extension their voice didn’t matter, to look at the fear and hate they had caused. At the same time, they preached that now is the time to come together and unite, to spread love instead of hate, to practice acceptance.

America seems to have a lot of trouble when it comes to acceptance. This election among other spots in America’s history is proof of that.

A pessimist would say that America came about because of a lack of acceptance, that this divide has always existed and chooses when to manifest itself, take a look at the Civil War for one or the social divide for another. They would say that this country was not meant to be a united one, despite its name.

An optimist would say when the pilgrims came to this land, it wasn’t because they wanted to be separate and divided it’s because they wanted to create a land where they could be accepted, a land that knew what it was like to different, a land that could unite.

Judging from current events, America is far from united.

These reactions occurring all over social media came about because of a split in the vote and by extension a split in the nation, but America cannot afford to be split anymore. The stars and stripes signify more than a flag, they symbolize unity and coming together for the greater good.

America's history is not always one to be proud, it's filled with controversy, but there have been good moments too and Americans deserve to have a country whose history and future they are proud of.

So yes, post about acceptance and love and unification, but don’t just post about it, practice it, because the more acceptance and love and unification people see and receive in the world the more likely it is to take effect and that is how America will be great again.

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