Majors Shameless Characters Would Have If They Were In College

Majors Shameless Characters Would Have If They Were In College

No doubt that Frank would be a politican.

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1. Fiona- Business Administration

Since the age of fifteen, Fiona has raised five kids by herself with a salary that is way lower than $30,000. Say what you think of her, but with everything that she has done with her life, such as turning Patsy’s into a success to buying her own laundromat, Fiona is someone who is capable of becoming a major contender in the business world.

2. Lip- Physics/Robotics

We already know that Lip was a physics/robotics major at Chicago Polytechnic. The only question now is if he plans on continuing his academic endeavors after he’s figured his life out.

3. Veronica- Nursing

In the very first episode of Shameless, Veronica tells Steve that she was accepted at a nursing school. We can’t verify if that’s true or not, but one thing for sure is that whenever one of the Gallaghers is injured or sick, Veronica is the first person they call.

4. Kevin- Sociology

Having been in the foster system his whole life, Kevin knows exactly what it’s like to be abandoned by his own parents. We saw him become a wonderful parent to Ethel before he had his heart broken when she ran away. Kevin is a rare, compassionate soul who just wants to do the right thing, which is why a major in the social works would be ideal for him.

5. Ian- Pharmaceutical Sciences

Smart, responsible, and capable of good work ethic, Ian demonstrates this multiple times throughout the show when he copes with his mental illness through accomplishing new goals— just like when he fought for his right to be an EMT.

6. Debbie- Mathematics

We see Debbie at a very young age as a precocious child with a lot of wisdom to impart, despite her age. Most would agree that she has been in an downward spiral ever since she grew up, but Debbie is someone with low intelligence. She wants quick and fast results, which is why mathematics would be excellent for her.

7. Carl- Criminal Justice

Carl walks a fine line between wanting to break the law and enforce the law. Some say Carl joined military school to become a better man. Others say he’s on a power trip. Either way, he knows that criminal justice is the major for him.

8. Liam- International Relations & Foreign Policy

Not much is known about Liam, but the one thing we do know about him is that he has always kind of remained neutral about taking sides during major confrontations between the Gallaghers. Perhaps he could work his diplomatic skills internationally as he grows up into an adult.

9. Frank- Political Science

Corrupt, immoral, but highly persuasive, Frank would have no trouble fitting into the world of politicians.

10. Monica- Undecided

Monica doesn’t seem to want to major in anything, so she would probably drop out after the first semester being undecided.

11. Jimmy/Steve- Business with a minor in Psychology

It suffices to say that Jimmy/Steve would be a business major with all the trouble he has gotten himself into with high-profile criminals from Brazil. He would minor in Psychology since we saw him psychoanalyze Fiona on their very first date when she refused to open up to him.

12. Svetlana- Business

Shrewd, cunning, and good with numbers, Svetlana would definitely be a business major trying to exploit every opportunity she gets in the business world.

13. Trevor- Gender & Sexuality

Compassionate and hardworking, it’s a no-brainer that Trevor would major in something that he is passionate about, especially since he has first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to be part of the LGBTQ community.

14. Mickey- Dropout

Mickey would probably be some sort of humanities major before he decided school wasn’t for him. Despite his tough exterior, most people would never have expected that Mickey is actually an individual with a lot to say off him mind.

15. Shelia- Education

It’s no secret that Shelia loves kids. Heck, she even tried to adopt a bunch of Native American children by marrying Frank! Not to mention that she is also very patient with everyone that she deals with. Except Sammy that is.

16. Jody- Eastern Healing/Alternative Medicine

As Frank’s mother was on her deathbed, we got to see Jody exhibit his extensive knowledge on hospice care and, well, all types of drugs. He even volunteered to bring Karen to some kind of healing commune up in Arizona after her accident. As a result, Jody would most definitely be enrolled in some kind of alternative medicine program or school.

17. Mandy- English/Creative Writing

It would be an understatement to say that Mandy has had a difficult life. English or creative writing would be an excellent major for Mandy as she pours her heart out onto paper, imparting rare wisdom that only someone like her could possess.

18. Karen- Drama/Theatre

Ah Karen, our little sociopath. From manipulating Lip, Sheila, and everyone around her in order to get what she wants, Drama would be the perfect major for Karen with all the drama she constantly creates.

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