As finals roll around, so do the inevitable posts on social media about who has the "hardest" final exams. I've seen tweets about people not being able to have fun over the weekend because their major doesn't allow them, and other variations of the sort. I've seen another post geared towards education majors and getting to color for their finals and so on. So, let me say this: Let's leave the college major "d*** measuring" contest behind next fall. Okay?

It seems there is this endless battle between STEM majors and Humanities majors of whose major is harder, and therefore better. Words like "harder" and "better" are so subjective, I don't know how you can measure those based on what your finals look like. So, my question to you is why?

Are you really that insecure in the decisions you've made for a major that you need to attack someone else's to validate yourself?

Is it that you're so unsatisfied with what you've chosen to do that you need to convince other people their decisions are poorer than yours? Man, do I feel sorry for you.

This often comes out in the form of whose going to be making more than who after graduation, too. There have been so many times that I'll be talking to someone about my plans after college, and they'll say something like, "Yeah that's cool, but you aren't even going to make that much money."

First of all, why are you such an asshole? Do you feel better now that you've put in your unsolicited 2 cents? Second of all, the amount of money you make does not determine how easy or hard your job is, let alone how valuable it is. Your major doesn't determine what job you're going to get after graduation, either. I know of education majors who have gone on to work at banks making more money than some entry-level positions of STEM majors.

And let's make one more thing clear: You cannot compare the workload and difficulty of written-based assessments to in-class exams. They measure two completely different skill sets. You could argue that it's easier to write a paper because it requires less time to do so, but not for everybody.

A person could spend twice the amount of time writing an essay and still fail it. The same way that someone could barely study for a test and still do well on it. The idea of one being "harder" than the other is completely subjective, and it doesn't measure the value of the education, either.

So please. Leave this dick measuring contest behind next semester, for all of our sake. We have way more similarities than differences. Our society is polarized enough, and as future leaders of America, we need to stop this bullshit. All fields of study are valid and important, so let's start acting like it.