Working, Going To School, Maintaining Everything

Working, Going To School, Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle, And Keeping A Social Life: Is It Possible?

The answer is yes.


College is the busiest time of your life. Managing work and school is a task within itself. Adding a social life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle makes it even more difficult. The thought of this will make some people binge watch an entire series on Netflix, order takeout, and procrastinate on school work.

Don't sink to that level. Prioritizing and scheduling is key to living a jam-packed lifestyle.

You will always have weeks where you don't feel like doing a single thing. You will procrastinate and you will lie to your friends to avoid going out. That's OKAY! Everyone has weeks like that. It's up to you to schedule your week accordingly.

One of the reasons why people think it's so hard to manage school, work, and the gym is because they aren't scheduling a specific time to go to the gym. Most people write down their school and work schedule along with assignments and tasks that need to be completed. After completing everything they've planned for the day, they hope to fit the gym into their schedule.

At the beginning of every week, I look at my work schedule to help me construct a gym schedule for the week. Most times, it's easiest if I go early in the morning or late at night after work. It's been a struggle making it to the gym on the weekend. The gym closes before I even get out of work. Usually, Saturday and Sunday are my rest days. Some weeks I'm able to train six days a week. Those are the weeks I feel the best!

To be completely honest, my social life is my last priority. I will always put school and work before my social life. Sometimes, I'll even put my workouts before hanging out with friends. Let's face it; hanging out with friends means spending money! I'm doing myself a favor by using a rain check. In the end, I'll feel more accomplished.

I am a workaholic. If I am asked to stay later or to come in earlier, my answer is yes every time. My grandparents always say, "Work while you can. Make money while you can."

Using a planner has helped me tremendously. I didn't start using a planner until I was in college. I needed to write down my class schedule and assignments. After getting into the habit, I started to write down events, parties, appointments, and eventually highlighted the days I would go to the gym.

It doesn't take much to accomplish everything. Just a little bit of effort and a planner.

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