It's the same cycle every year. Make a resolution, plan, prepare, act it out for a few days, quit your resolution, and then repeat. On December 31st, people everywhere were preparing to achieve their goals. Trust me, I went shopping for my groceries at Whole Foods on December 31st and it was quite possibly the worst decision.

Everyone was trying to buy healthy and clean foods. Although I was quite perplexed as to why the entire ice cream aisle was empty. Weight loss is among the most popular of New Year's resolutions, which is probably why Planet Fitness is heavily sponsored during the New Years Eve celebration in Times Square. Among the others are exercise more, eat healthier, learn a new skill, and spend more time on personal wellbeing. Whatever your goal, here are some tips for making sure that your resolution makes it past January 2nd.

1. Set small goals

There's nothing wrong with setting large goals in the long run but start small. Smaller results are easier to achieve and will give you motivation when you see results. Small goals add up to a large goal as time goes on.

2. Write it down

I tend to be more committed if I have written it down somewhere. I also like to write it down somewhere I will see it often, like on a wall or mirror. I feel that once I have written it down, it is no longer just a flippant thought in my head anymore. It is an actual goal that I will achieve.

3. Purchase a journal to write your goals in

Journals are a great place to write your goals into if you want something a little nicer than looseleaf paper or note cards. In journal you can write your frustration, your achievements, and more. Check out a few of these at Papyrus:

4. Tell people about it

Naturally, we want validation from others when we've done something. Tell your friends and family about your goals, your successes, your hardships, whatever comes to mind really. Hey, they may even offer you some advice that you were looking for.

5. Have someone hold you accountable

I'm naturally very motivated when I have someone holding me accountable because I'm a big people pleaser. Have someone, a friend or family member hold you accountable to your goal and make sure that you haven't given up. Have them call you randomly and ask you about how it is going.

6. Set goals with friends

Ever wondered why weight loss plans like Nutrisystem have group chats? Still continuing off the last two tips, setting goals as a group is not only motivating but rewarding as well. This way you always have a support system to lean on and can share your struggles with those who will probably be going through the same thing.

7. Don't beat yourself up

Most New Years Resolution plans end in tears because we aren't seeing results fast enough or we fall off the wagon so to say. This causes us to mentally give up and accept that our goal will never come true. Don't beat yourself up; you're human and you'll make some mistakes along the long way. You will reach your goal, dig in and be determined to make it happen.

8. Reward yourself along the way.

When you've reached a milestone, reward yourself. The reward centers in your brain will thank you for it and you'll feel good too. If you're after weight loss, try to allow yourself a cheat meal once a week. I'm talking an entire cheat day, but a cheat meal won't set you back in your goals in any way.

9. Keep the end in mind

Keep your end goal in mind when you get discouraged and remind yourself why you started this goal in the first place. It's hard to see the end when you are in a place you don't want to be, but the end is there and it is bright.

10. Don't forget that you are human

You are human and you will make mistakes, but they do not define you and they don't determine where you will come out in the end. Power through when you get into a dark place and remember to live life fully every chance you get.

As someone who succeeded in their New Years resolution last year, I have given you the tips that worked for me. I plan to use the tips that I have set before you on my own self (Thanksgiving and Christmas were not kind to my waistline). I hope that you can use them too and see results for yourself. Happy 2019 everyone and may this year be your best year yet!