We all know the feeling:

"I liked it before it was cool"

It goes for music, movies, books, just about every kind of media we consume.

We feel a sort of pride for liking something before it's cool; we are somehow more intuitive and cooler than everyone else because we discovered something before lots of other people did.

That's how I was with Marvel. Although the first Iron Man movie had come out a few years prior, when I got into comics I felt like I was somehow better than everyone else.

I was in my own little world, with this air of superiority around me (which I DEFINITELY should not have had. Junior-High me was yikes, to say the least).

Then Marvel movies BLEW UP.

Suddenly, EVERYONE liked Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, everyone. It wasn't lame to talk about comics, it was cool. I was able to talk more about one of my passions and others would actually be interested in what I have to say. It was awesome. Even now, I have a Captain America and Spider-Man pillow sitting on my bed, and I have two custom comic covers hanging up on my wall. I still read comics, and I'm slowly getting sucked deeper into the universe and fan-base.

From there, Marvel has kept getting bigger and bigger. "Infinity War," often described as the "most epic crossover of all time," made over 1 BILLION dollars in just eleven days. Superheroes are cool, man (when done right). Some argue that Marvel has transformed the way movie writers look at the narrative of the story, and throughout ten years they have presented us with over twenty movies. And with "Captain Marvel" coming out in March, "Infinity War Two/ Avengers Four" coming out in May, and "Spider-Man: Far From Homecoming" out in July, it's safe to say that Marvel is still going strong.

However, some have seen that since a lot more people like Marvel now, it devalues the enterprise as a whole. It's quite the opposite, really. The bigger the fan-base, the more movies will be made, there will be more pressure to make better movies, and, from the perspective of a fan, there are more people to talk to about Marvel.

Box office dynamites like Marvel are popular for a reason. If you like it, enjoy it! If you don't, that's okay too I guess. But no matter what, don't think that Marvel (or anything else popular) has lost its value because it's popular.

It's a super thing.