Like most people I am most often asked, "Where do you call home?" or "Where are you from?" As much as have always struggled with staying still in one place, I am very proud to say, Maine. I have lived all up and down the east coast. I was born in Rhode Island, my early childhood was spent in Maine, I spent a few years in New Hampshire, then drastically moved way down to South Carolina where I spent a decade living under the hot sun. More recently, I now live in New Jersey.

While I never considered Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and New Jersey home. Maine and South Carolina, being complete opposites are where my heart lies most. Don't get me wrong, I have friends and family I adore in all the states I once got to call myself a resident of, however, my heart was never meant to be there.

When I think of South Carolina, I am appreciative of all the blessings that came in the time I was there. I spent my teens and early twenties there. I went to high school there, I learned how to drive there, I drank my first *legal* beer there. I discovered my love for traveling there. If it wasn't for growing up in South Carolina, I would have missed out on a big world that I didn't know existed out of New England.

On the other hand, when I think of Maine. I remember what it was like to feed my curiosity. I remember summer days that didn't make me want to stand in front of an air conditioner, and how beautiful a fresh blanket of snow can be. Maine is what made Autumn my favorite season of the year. Maine also made me a snob when it comes to seafood, especially lobster.

Maine taught me the beauty in nature and the joy in living minimally. Maine blessed me with an adventurous and rustic childhood, one where no matter how hard I tried, I would never be able to survive within a city grid. Maine has been so kind to me in being so stable. It doesn't matter where this crazy world takes me, how big and old I get, no matter what zip code fits into my address, Maine always stays the same for me.

Sure, the trees get taller and the grass gets higher, but the feeling I get when I visit. That deep breath of fresh air and whole feeling, well that, never changes.