There are some events in life that we cannot figure out. For example, how we know something bad is going to happen because we see some signs and before you know it- bam! Something bad happened. Or when you know it's going to be a good day because you feel it. How can we explain Karma without magic?

I have conflicted feelings about magic but I do not, however, throw that option out of the window. There have been unexplainable events in my life that the only explanation is magic. Just to clarify, I don't mean 'Harry Potter' and wand waving, although that would be very handy when cleaning my house and packing (i mean, come on, traveling would be 5x easier, plus we get to shrink our luggage). The kind of magic I am referring to is the one that makes us say, "life is a mystery" or "mother nature is doing it's best."

I have grown to believe that our actions and emotions can influence how much "magic" there is in our life. I mean there is karma. Karma is the whole "if you did bad, bad will happen to you" as well as "if you did good, good will happen to you." Sure, that sounds like several religious motifs but we live by them, right? There is also our belief in soulmates and love at first at sight and that's pretty magical. I know that not everyone believes in that, the same way not everyone believes in magic, but there is a little of everything for everyone, right?

I feel that I am in a magical point in my life. I am in a wonderful relationship (one that I am still in shock that I got to be with this amazing guy), I have overcome every academical challenge there could be (honestly, I think magic is the only explanation for my unexplainable jump of grades), I am miles away from home, so far away that if something bad were to happen I think it will take unanswered text messages and a news headline to let my family know something happened to me, assuming my friends do not tell them first.

My point is, right now in my life there are unexplainable events that make me conclude that magic does exist.