Hey Readers!

I am dedicating this poem to honor the ending of Black History Month and the beginning of Women's History Month. As a black woman, I see society in many different layers. One of those layers includes how society depicts us, and thus, how we may feel about ourselves.

It's hard at times, but no matter what an ad or a photo or any other media out there may depict, you are entitled to feel how you want about who you are. Although there are positive pieces of media, I hope this particular piece offers comfort and strength when facing the negatives.

I am no expert by any means, as I always say, but I hope this gives you some serenity for you are all made from gold. Positive vibes to you all!

She was a beauty

But no one truly could see

She was a wonder

But no one could thoroughly agree

She was everything she needed to be and more

But only those who didn't understand saw it a chore

And for awhile, she did too

Her very essence shone a little less bright

And the weight she carried in her shoulders

It seemed even more plight

While her sheen became a little weak in hue

As a black woman, she knew

The world saw her differently

Some encouragingly

And others scornfully

Yet, what mattered is what she thought of herself

Her beauty, her passion

Her radiance, her exultation

The society she lived in wanted her to hate herself

The world she lived in wanted to give her reasons of why loving herself was terrible

Instead of uplifting her

Instead of complimenting her

Instead of truly listening to her

Instead of throughly loving her

Instead of genuinely supporting her

There were invisible rules that stated she was supposed to deem herself a bother among other things

"But curling into myself just isn't me," is what she promised to herself

Only then did her sheen become like gold

Her shoulders felt light like zero gravity

Her essence shone brighter than any sun

The words of her family and friends

Carried her to new heights

She was indeed,

Truly, throughly, genuinely

Made from gold

And she wanted the world to know

She was made from gold