Since We're Just Throwing Out Random Names, I Vote Macklemore For President In 2020

Since We're Just Throwing Out Random Names, I Vote Macklemore For President In 2020

He’s humble, but doesn’t feel the need to brag about it. He’s well-spoken and doesn’t take to Twitter every five seconds.

Just two years ago if you would have told me that Donald Trump, the combover wearing curmudgeon from “The Apprentice,” was going to be kicking his feet up in the oval office and referred to as our Commander in Chief, I would have laughed at you. “That’s absurd,” I would have said. But it’s here, it’s happening.

The president of the United States is officially a Cheeto.

If that weren’t insane enough, talks of the 2020 election have already begun. And since apparently just about anyone can be president nowadays, people like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson have announced their candidacy.

There has even been buzz about Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, Katy Perry and Chris Rock. As for how many of those are actually valid political bids, I’m not sure, but we doubted Steven Colbert and see how far he got?

So, since the White House is being moved to Hollywood, I thought why not pick a celebrity candidate whose stances I support? For me, that celebrity is Macklemore. If rap lyrics are in any way an indicator of political agendas, which I’m pretty sure they are, I’m on board with Macklemore 2020. And what the heck - since they work so well together, Ryan Lewis for vice president.

Yes, he swears, refers to his manhood and even objectifies women on occasion, he’s a rapper, but nothing in his songs compares to what our current president spews. In fact, listening to his music you’ll hear that he refers to his manhood mostly in jest or ironically, he raps mostly about gender equality and refers to liking women of all body types.

He’s personable with a voice that young people, the largest voter demographic in this country, will listen to.

He’s humble but doesn’t feel the need to brag about it. He’s well-spoken and doesn’t take to Twitter every five seconds. He may as well already be a politician. Except, unlike most politicians and especially celebrity politicians, he uses his platform to highlight issues like consumerism, drug addiction and LGBTQ equality.

Skeptical? Let me prove it to you, in song…

In “Same Love” he raps about not what he thinks the struggle for a gay person is, but instead how his misconceptions of what it means to be gay as a child brought on by society are an echo of society's perception as a whole. He calls out religious hypocrisy and the violence and hatred the LGBTQ community continues to face.

Let’s talk about “Wings,” “Thrift Shop” and “Make The Money.” This comes from a man who is now worth $18 million, according to Google. He did it by rapping about shopping at thrift stores, how Air Jordans don’t make the player and reminding people, "make the money don't let the money make you."

OK, OK, I know what he’s talking about is scary because it’s anti-big cooperation and it’s a little socialist, gasp, but you know what? It’s about time we stopped giving all our money to companies that support an industry that is environmentally irresponsible and exploits its workers with inhumane work conditions.

It’s time we started thrift shopping. If you buy from hole in the wall thrift shops that money stays locally, why don’t we promote that instead of walking into stores greeted by over-sized posters of unrealistically built, shirtless men and headache-inducing perfumes coming out of the vents?

Makes sense to me.

As for his stance on Healthcare? Check out “Drug Dealer.” Just listen to the chorus, “My drug dealer was a doctor, doctor. Had the plug from Big Pharma, Pharma. He said that he would heal me, heal me, but he only gave me problems, problems.”

This is a man clearly in support of dismantling the profit-making system we have in favor of something that works to actually help its citizens, not further feed the serpent of greed that is the United States’ pharmaceutical industry.

He would make addiction and the “war on drugs” a priority. He used to be an addict and has watched friends fall down that same rabbit hole and never return. In “Otherside” he raps about his struggle with addiction, the rationalizing that someone caught up in that world is able to create out of a life or death situation. He recognizes how society glorifies drug abuse, “Follow the formula: violence, drugs and sex sells” and how that can impact a young mind.

This is a man who would put philanthropy and the serving others as a priority in a country that has very much lost its altruism. “Excavate” is his internal struggle, not wanting to die having done nothing for others and only serving himself.Isn’t that the kind of human who should make important decisions? The kind who thinks beyond himself? I think so.

And beyond that, this is a person who questions things, like his own motivations. Like in “Intentions,” he raps, “I should read a book, but I keep watching this TV and I know this lifestyle doesn't really feed me. I just tune out to the voice inside that's speaking.” Shouldn’t we elect someone who questions not only those around him but asks questions of himself as well?

This trend of electing over confident blustering figureheads in office has got to stop, we need a leader who listens and receives as well as leads. A leader is only as good as those that he leads and if our current government is a reflection of that, I shudder to think what that means for the citizens of this country.

Here’s the thing, Macklemore probably won’t run for president and in the past, he has been politically active, truthfully, I don’t think he’s qualified to do so, but the big picture is that we’ve got to stop being so absurd. I don’t really want some random guy off the street who has made questionable life choices, never attended medical school and wearing a lab coat to be my doctor.

That’s why we have to start electing people who have some experience in politics, not a resume consisting of a bunch of failed business endeavors and somehow a knack for scamming people out of their money.

I get that President Trump is already in charge and that we should be looking at the bright side and making the most of it, it’s hard, but I’m trying my best to do so. I’m just hoping that my ability to completely rationalize with the absurdity of an absurd political climate helps shed some light on just how insane these political bids are.

So, I leave you with this: stop being blinded by celebrity. Do some critical thinking and vote accordingly.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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To the guy that shot my brother...


To the guy that shot my brother,

On January 9, 2019 my families entire life changed with one phone call. The phone call that my little brother had been shot in the face, no other details. We didn't need any other details. The woman on the phone who called us in full panic told us where he was so we went, as soon as possible. I don't think it helped that not even 10 min prior I talked to Zach on the phone.. kind of irritated with him, and the ONE TIME I didn't say 'I love you' as we hung up. Could've been the last time we ever spoke.. I remember pulling up to the hospital thinking 'this can't be real' 'it's not our Zach' 'this is just a dream Sarah, WAKE UP' I'd close my eyes really tight just to open them, I was still in the hospital emergency parking lot. I could still hear the ambulance sirens coming. It was all real.

The day our life's changed was definitely a test of faith. A test of how strong we were, as a family. I sat in that waiting room ready to see the damage that has been done to my sweet baby brother. Because at that point we had no idea how lucky he got. That glimpse of seeing Zach will haunt me forever. How helpless I felt in that exact moment frequently wakes me up from these horrific dreams I've been having ever since that day. That is a moment burned into my me and families brain forever.

You always hear about these things in the movies or on the news, a house being shot up, someone shooting another innocent person, not to care if they died on your watch. But we found ourselves on the news.. We have been confined to the hospital since that day. Running on barely any sleep, taking shifts of sleep so we don't make ourselves sick taking care of Zach. Watching him suffer. Undergoing surgeries, to repair the damage you did.

Before I proceed let me tell you a little something about the man you shot.

Zachary Keith Wright. A blonde hair blue eyed boy. Who could potentially be the most annoying human on the planet (possibly coming from his sister). A man who loves his God first, loves his family second. Perfect by no means, but almost perfect to me. A 19 year old who was to graduate high school this month. After graduation he was prepping to leave for Marine boot camp in the summer.. being in the military has been Zach's dream since he could talk. Literally. Running around, playing war with underwear on our heads, and finger guns. Some would say we looked like natural born assassins.. growing up he has been a country boy. Let me tell ya country to the core. He loves this country like he loves his family. He believes in helping people, taking charge in what's right, and never leaving a brother behind. He's lived by that his whole life. Until now....

The day you shot him. The day not only did you change my brothers life, you changed his families life too. The day you almost ripped my brother out of this world... for what? A misunderstanding? Because you've let something take ahold of your life that you can't let go you're willing to kill someone innocent over? Luckily for him, his guardian angels were protecting him in your time of cowardice. There were 3 times that day he should've died, the time you shot him, the time you tried to shoot him again as he stared you directly in the face, (even tho he couldn't talk I know you could read his eyes, and he still intimidated you. That's why you tried to pull the trigger again) and the time he was running out of the house. But he lived. A man who was shot in the face, didn't lay there helpless, didn't scream in agony. That MAN walked to the neighbors to get help. Why? Because he's a MAN, and because he's on this earth for a reason.

It's gonna sound a little strange not only to you, but the audience who is reading this. I must say thank you. Even in this situation, this was the best outcome we could get. He gets to live. He will make a full recovery. He will graduate. And he will go off into the Marines. You united my family together. Closer than ever. Thank you. You tested our faith and brought us closer to our God. Thank you. Because of your moment of weakness, you showed us what prayer could do. Heal anything. Thank you. This was a bump in the road, and a helluva way to kick off our year of 2019. But here we are.. all laying in the hospital. I'm looking around as mom is sleeping in her recliner chair exhasted but still here, Zach his awake playing his xbox all hooked up to machines, fighting to heal and get better. And of course I'm writing this letter to you.

See you in trial,

From the girl whose brother you shot.

'Fight the good fight' - 1 Tim 6:12 🤟🏼💙

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10 Reasons 'The Office' Is The Most Overrated TV Show Available On Netflix

I was told to express my feelings about the worst show ever so here we go. I EMBRACE THE HATE FROM ALL OF YOU.


The Office, aka 'Terrible Show of Idiotic People in Scranton' to me, is the worst show ever.

I absolutely despise its mere existence, and recently in our Slack, I was told to express my feelings about my distaste of it in general and make sure to call out the entire show's overrated concept and reception by these so-called 'fans'. I must warn you: I will not back down from these statements because this a damn free country so I am embracing the hate from here on out.

It might surprise you that many of your friends and family might agree with me on the fact that "The Office" is the worst show ever.

1. Michael Scott should've been fired for his sexual harassment-level humor at the end of Season 1.

2. Jim and Pam are the worst couple because all they do is stare at the camera like they're on trial. Good thing Jim married Emily Blunt in real life.

3. Dwight has his popularity, but like "I'm Dwight Schrute from The Office can I take your order?" popularity.

4. Creed is actually the most normal out of the show, he's cool.

5. Mindy Kaling has the most despicable voice, so I mute the TV whenever she speaks to Ryan.

Nothing against Kaling's success as a writer/director, though.

6. Jim should be slapped for stealing Roy's fiancee

7. Kevin dropping the chili is probably the worst cold open ever. I've seen even worst cold openings from SNL than that one.

8. Michael Scott is not funny (that's what I said!)

9. I did not laugh during the fire alarm opening.

10. Netflix made the best call announcing that the mole that is The Office would be gone by 2021.

I'll send Netflix $1,000,000 myself when the show finally gets taken down.

thank u, next.

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