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On Monday, March 4, former "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Riverdale" star Luke Perry passed away due to a "massive" stroke. He left behind some great memories on the screen but also left us with some positive, and quite funny quotes to remember him by...

1. "I’m open to anything…just about anything.”

2. "Porsches are glorified Volkswagens, man.”

3. "I’m not James Dean. And no one else is, either.”

4. "I don’t think that’s a fair representation of life, that you have to go to college and do well to get anywhere.”

5. "I don’t think what I have to say is that important.”

6. "At one point or another, everybody gets called ‘the new James Dean.’”

 7. "I'm a country boy."

 8. "As an actor, you strive to show versatility." 

9. "I don't even watch my own actual self on TV." 

10. "For me, high school was the one place where I knew my friends were gonna be, so I was there. I didn't like it, I wasn't involved in things, and they didn't teach me anything that I needed to know. But my mom said I had to go, and so I went."

11. "When I was a kid, I was at a bowling alley and I ran into a soda machine. I still have the scar on my right eyebrow obviously."

12. "I've had tons of odd jobs, but I think that I would probably be a fireman because you get to see the results of your job. You get there and there is a house on fire. You leave and there's not a fire anymore."

13. "I love where I come from. The people there are good people. When they say, 'Thank you,' they mean it."

14. I'm lucky: I always wanted to be an actor. But I never felt the need to be in with the crowd. I didn't mind being on the outside. I was always looking forward or upwards, not in."

 15. "I was something of a prankster. One time I put a ski mask on my head and used a fake gun on the school secretary so that I could get some of my friends out of detention."

 16. "The role model thing gets imposed on you by someone else. I don't think that's fair."

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