Luggage, strollers and baby seats on a plane

Luggage, strollers and baby seats on a plane


Baby luggage on a plane

With kids no older than 2 who travel on their parents lap, with the ticket price being 10-30% of the normal price (for regular airlines) or a fixed price depending on the destination (for no-frill airlines), no luggage is allowed or the limit is very low.

The airline ticket prices for children no older than 12 (depending on the airline) might be about 25-30% cheaper, with the luggage limit being the same as with adults or slightly lower.

The rule of thumb, however, is that for each young passenger a folding stroller can be brought along free of charge (airlines tend to require the stroller to be a one-piece type, like the so-called umbrella, which means that if we plan to fly a lot with our baby, it's a good idea to get ourselves the smallest and most lightweight stroller possible, like GB Pockit Plus - you can find its review here: In most cases they are transported in the cargo hold. Right before boarding the plane, the stroller is taken by an airport worker while on the runway and stored in the hold. The baby has to be carried in hands aboard the plane. Upon landing, the stroller is given back right after leaving the plane to make it possible to move around the airport freely.

Flying on a parent's lap

There are two ways airlines allow to fly with children no older than 2 – in a car seat on a separate airplane seat (usually from the age of 6 months up) or on a parent's or guardian's lap. The former solution entails extra costs though – having to pay for the seat. The latter option is much cheaper, the extra fee is usually 10-30% of a flight ticket for an adult passenger or the price is fixed depending on the destination chosen.

It entails a significant cut to the luggage limit, however, or lack of any registered luggage that the baby could be entitled to. In most cases, though, the luggage covers a baby seat or a carrier.

Every airplane is equipped with special baby suspenders that serve as seat belts, and they have to be fastened whenever a notification lits up telling the passengers to fasten their seat belts.

Flying in a car seat

Most of the time, babies can and actually should travel in car seats as, just like in cars, standard seat belts don't provide the little person with as much safety as a well-matched baby seat does.

If we choose to go with the baby seat option, we have to make sure if the seat also has an attestation for being used on planes. The seat or the packaging should have a special label for that. If the seat cannot be mounted (i.e. it is too wide), it can be transported in the cargo hold at an extra fee.

Food in the hand luggage and getting to board first

You can bring along baby food on a plane, including liquids – they are not subject to standard limitations for liquid transportations, although they have to go through a screening during the boarding process. In order to avoid additional screening, it is the best to bring powdered food. On most planes, it is possible to ask to have your food microwaved or to get hot water to prepare the food.

Plenty of airlines allow parents with babies to board the plane first so that they can properly accommodate themselves before other passengers arrive.

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A Letter To Every 'Pro-Lifer' That Wants To Control What Women Do With Their Bodies

Freedom of religion means that you have the right to practice your religion. Not forcing one's religion on somebody else. However, with this anti-abortion bill, that is exactly what is happening.


The Alabama abortion ban has been all over the news and all over social media. The controversy surrounding abortions has been all the talk recently. Namely, the 11-year-old rape victim who is forced to carry out her pregnancy full term and denied an abortion. This news is atrocious and deeply saddening. Not to mention, it is also unconstitutional. This is an open letter to all Pro-Life people.

Dear pro-life people,

I understand that you have the right to your own opinion. I respect that. But now when you are forcing your opinion upon another woman's body, listen to mine.

Freedom of religion means that you have the right to practice your religion. Not forcing one's religion on somebody else. However, with this anti-abortion bill, that is exactly what is happening. Because one religion does not believe in abortions, anti-abortion is being imposed on everyone else, regardless of what religion the person associates themselves with.

If you do not believe in abortions, THEN DON'T GET ONE. It is as simple as that. Mind your own business and leave other people alone. You are nobody to judge what somebody else needs to or should do. People who get an abortion have their own reasons. Maybe they can't financially/medically handle it, or maybe they are just not mentally ready. Regardless of the reason, a woman has a right over her own body. It is her choice what she does. It isn't an easy decision to get an abortion. It requires a lot of thinking and time.

However, if a woman decides to come to the conclusion of getting an abortion it is because she believes it is right. She knows her personal situation and considered all factors before making that decision. And unless it is you who is pregnant, you do not get to make that choice for anyone else.

You call yourself pro-life? Then what about the actual living, breathing human that is carrying this unborn fetus? Why don't you try to focus on banning the monster of a machine that actually snatches lives with one pull of a trigger and has been responsible for hundreds and thousands of deaths through school shootings and other mass shootings? Why not focus on fixing the health-care system in this country or doing something for the millions in adoption agencies or the foster care system? Focus on immigration reform. What about the young little children getting torn from their families every single day at this country's border... are they not life? Focus on climate change because if we don't look after this Earth one day there will be no more life to control.

It is funny how a gun has more protection in this country than an impregnated rape victim. The argument for not banning guns is that it won't actually stop gun violence. Well banning abortions won't actually stop abortions from occurring. It'll just force women to resort to other unsanitary and life-threatening methods. This "pro-life" stance of yours is just taking away more lives.

It is funny how one fertilized egg has more rights than a living human being. You call yourself pro-life, think about the lives of the children who the women are forced to give birth to. So many of them will not be able to have proper resources, a healthy life, a loving family because their birth mother was forced to have a child when she wasn't ready.

And the fact that rape victims are no exception is ridiculous in itself. I shouldn't need to comment on that. But even more than that, the fact that a doctor serves more time for performing an abortion than the actual rapist themselves... I am speechless.

Please explain to me how that is in any world, in any sense logical? Please do explain because I've tried hard to understand this but I can't.

Please explain how a doctor helping a rape victim get rid of the physical marker of her trauma must serve more time than the rapist that stole the life out of a living, breathing girl and left her with absolutely nothing.

How does punishing the doctor more severely than the rapist help anyone? The doctors would be there to provide a safer and more sanitary method for the girl to get rid of something that was forced upon her without her consent or desire. But now you are even taking that away from a victim of monstrous abuse who already had so much taken from her.

By being pro-choice I'm not imposing my opinion on anyone. I'm just respecting the fact that everyone has the right to their own body and their own decision. You don't want an abortion then don't get one. Let people make their own decisions with their own bodies. You don't know what you are taking away from a girl when you are forcing her to go through with something she doesn't want and can not afford. Don't take away the right of a woman to control her OWN body.

"No uterus, no opinion" — Rachel Green, from "Friends."

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