As Justin Beiber once said, “Oh baby you should go and love yourself.”

I find that I am constantly comparing myself to others, even more so in the summertime. Maybe it’s the idea that everyone needs a “summer bod” or that everyone else gets a tan but I’m always the pale one. I try so hard not to, but it’s inevitable. Unfortunately, as much as I compare myself to others, I don’t always do anything to change my habits. So I’ve come up with ways that I have used to make my comparisons healthy.

It’s just as easy for me to look at someone and see something in them I wish I also had, as it is to look at someone and judge the way they look or act. I think that by judging people’s appearances is just as unhealthy as comparing yourself to someone. Whether you’re comparing yourself to celebrities or just people at the mall, there are many ways to make it a healthy habit. First, look for qualities in that person you wish to possess. Don’t always make the observations physical. Next, make sure you’re actually looking at real life photos. Photoshop is a wonderful but evil thing, and it is easy to convince yourself that that is what celebrities actually look like. Don’t be fooled and you’ll probably find that celebrities aren’t as thin or fresh-faced as you think.

Another tip for loving yourself is acceptance. Yes, this is cheesy and you probably knew this would be a part of the tips, but it is 100 percent true. Once you learn that your body has certain stretch marks or maybe your thighs are thicker than your friends’, you realize that everything is okay. Know your own body, your own personality and you will start to regain confidence.

Often when others begin comparing themselves, they get in a spiral of negativity and only see themselves of not good enough. Instead of thinking bad about yourself, begin to work on the things you want to change. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to improve your health or body. As long as everything is healthy and in moderation, it is encouraged to change your habits.

Do things that are beneficial for yourself, and actually do things you enjoy. Remind yourself that your own happiness should come before others. Don’t feel pressured to do things that others are doing if they aren’t what you want. Find a hobby or a job that is enjoyable and engaging. Then whenever you’re doing that activity or are at work, you will feel good about yourself. It’s like treating yourself without actually doing much.

Look in the mirror. Try to list five things you truly like about yourself. Don’t make them all physical, but it is okay if some of them are. Make lists about all the things that are going right for you, and you’ll notice that your inner thoughts will become more positive. Doing this weekly can really improve your self image.