She dances with his demons,

playing the game she has played many times before.

Her eyes swim with temptation

Seduction seeping out of her.

Her lips coo a sweet song

A sweet song without words

But with passion just the same

She lures him in with casual flirtations and promises of escape,

flashing a smile that could melt the heart of an iceberg.

Words drip from her lips

like liquid gold

Bitter and desired

Her fingertips glide over his palm

He suppresses the warm embrace

Remembering what it feels like to be



A foreign sensation

As he takes her offered hand, she guides him through the crowded room,

as if they are the only two in existence.

She throws her head back

In insurmountable passion

He grabs at her unfamiliar hips

Forgetting that this figure is not the one he




Once idolized.

As the illusion fades,

he is left with realities that he left at the bar the night before.

His mistakes

Stamped in his memory

His heart

Surprisingly light.

They are now free.