15,000 children are diagnosed with Cancer each year. Each year, 15,000 children aren't given any other choice but to fight.

They become their own hero and a hero to so many others who are witnesses to their strength.

The University of Dayton Love Your Melon Campus Crew is a group of students who are driven to connect to these little hearts of gold by granting them the support in beating each battle. With every purchase you make on LYM apparel, 50 percent of the proceeds go directly to our non-profit partners and it grants us credits to visit children in the midst of their battle against Cancer, dressed as superheroes.

Walking into each room, as a child’s face lights up, they see us as “heroes”. What they don't realize is that a costume doesn't mold what lies within. They are the ones who carry all the strength in the world, a strength inside them that is irreplaceable and unmistakable. A strength that deserves to be nurtured in any way we can.

While we, college students, are learning in the classroom… These children are learning lessons that life alone can only teach. These children are learning the true meaning of sacrifice, perseverance, faith, and how to truly value life. The breaths we breathe each day.

... Before many of them even step foot in a classroom.

Each Child. Each heart of Gold that beats every day, fighting Cancer. Is our Superhero. They are the heroes.

Please take a second to help our little superheroes, check out www.loveyourmelon.com

"Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us... And on my soul I swear, Ill never stop fighting" - Superman