After I Stopped Wearing Makeup, I Started Loving Myself

After I Stopped Wearing Makeup, I Started Loving Myself

I'm starting to find my true beauty.

A huge part of growing up that we often forget is the ability to wear makeup and the desire for physical beauty. Starting off as little children, we watch our moms' carefully applying lipstick and mascara saying "mommy needs this to be pretty". We may even try it ourselves, smearing an abundance of different colors all over our faces, looking like a clown that had a rough night. We will get told, "wait until you are older".

Time goes on and now you're in middle school. We have hit puberty and so our faces are less than perfect. We have acne and braces and are just figuring out that we have boobs. This is so confusing and emotionally tolling that we want any fix we can get. We look at magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube to find glamorous people sporting looks with makeup. We think that if we just had some eyeliner and pressed powder, we too could look more normal and less like 13-year-old misfits. Now you are at the phase where your dad checks your eyes for black lines and gives you hell for trying to fit in. At this point in life, Dads are the worst. We don't see that we actually do look like raccoons, and our Hollister shirts are 4 sizes too small. We just want makeup to fit in. We wanted to be "cool".

Then you grow up, makeup becomes a necessary part of your morning routine. You learn how to contour and that needing 25 makeup brushes is worth the investment. You obsess over makeup tutorials and different release dates of palettes. We look to make up to make us feel better; feel like a woman. We, as women, spend hundreds of dollars on designer lipstick and eyebrow gel. It can take up to an hour to put it all on so we can look hot af, or we spend an equal amount of time trying to pull off the "natural" look. It becomes our identity.

Trust me--I was this person. I spent approximately $300 on makeup this summer. THIS SUMMER alone. And that itself is what some people spend in a single trip to Sephora. I have become a slave to the makeup industry. And don't get me wrong, makeup is empowering. It makes me feel beautiful and sexy and admirable. I love how it makes me feel when I wear it. But it made me hate myself when I didn't have it on. I would look in my magnified vanity mirror and obsess over how imperfect my face was without bronzer, foundation or highlight. I obsessed over my blonde eyelashes and my disappearing eyebrows. I was putting myself down without even knowing it.

After I decided that I needed a break from makeup, I started to stumble upon other people who have also decided not to wear makeup. The #nomakeupmovement has picked up speed and more and more women have taken to the idea of loving yourself as it is. Icons, like Alecia Keys, have sported the no makeup look, and let me tell you, it is so beautiful. She is so fierce, strong, and most importantly, authentic in her actions and her presence emulates that.

I am learning to love myself, and it's truly life-changing. By making this subtle switch I am slowly beginning to see my true beauty, not just physically, either. The Merriam-Webster dictionary states beauty to be "the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit". How extraordinary is the ability to be beautiful as a whole person, not just on the face or body? And don't get me wrong, I still look in the mirror and grimace, but it is becoming less and less frequent. Sometimes I even see a glimmer of the young me, looking wide-eyed and full of excitement. I have opened my eyes and closed my wallet, and I look forward knowing inner beauty doesn't come in a little-striped bag.

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Ladies, Nike Shorts And Leggings Are For The Gym, Nowhere Else

If you are becoming a grown woman, you need to dress like one.

Every night, I spend one hour preparing myself for the following day.

I start with a shower, usually after I workout (I like to shower up to three times a day). I, then, massage my face with an exfoliate or cleansing brush, followed by a mask, usually a sheet or charcoal, or occasionally a hair mask. While my mask is drying, I pick out my outfit, usually a balance of comfy and trendy for the morning (and usually two others backup outfits). After I was my mask off and end the night with yoga, I slump into an 8-hour slumber until I wake up and work out again.

Yes, I know I have a problem. You couldn’t find a more vain or egotistical person in this world that could trump my inflated head. I may have a slight vanity problem, but I feel that my vanity outweighs the laziness of just not caring.

Ladies, it’s time to grow up.

It’s time to take off those leggings, ratty high school football T-shirts, and neon orange Nike shorts, and put on some big girl panties (not just the frilly hot pink VS kind). Having attended a private school for most of my life, I was shocked when I saw how people dressed to school, as if they were about to run laps in between periods. High school can’t even compare to the fashion monstrosities I see at school: the formals shirts, Nike Shorts, White Converse that look like they have seen one too many frat parties, yet with faces stilled caked with chunky mascara and sloppy brows. These outfits were not only sported in classes and social events but also philanthropy events and job shifts!

Ladies, I understand life is uncomfortable. Period weeks leave you feeling five months pregnant and on the verge of crying because your jeans are pinching your bloated stomach. I understand that it’s hard to juggle gym, class, sports, and a healthy sex and social life. But you can try harder. You can do so much better than what you have going on right now. Jeans need to be worn instead of leggings. Nike shorts and ratty T-shirts belong at the gym. End of story.

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My mother would coo to me, as she put barrettes in my hair before school, that “in order to feel successful, you must look successful”. Every final exam, presentation, discussion, speech, class president election, swim team banquet, I would be dressed in my business suit and men’s oxfords. I dress for the success I wanted to have. If you want to be treated like a grown ass woman, you have to act (and dress) like one too. My life example is a little radical; I do not think you should pour yourself into how you look, because you will just exhaust yourself. Throw on a pair of jeans or an easy dress to class. Wear that sweet polyester suit. Dress up just to feel confident and successful in your day to come, not just your coming career.

Feel beautiful every day, just save the leggings for lazy days (or better yet, wear nothing at all).

Cover Image Credit: essihelppi / Instagram

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A Tip For The Girl Who's Tired Of Spending So Much Money On False Eyelashes

Everyone wants to save money, so why not save money by reusing your false eyelashes.


Buying false lashes is a must, it brings together the whole make up look. Whether you are doing winged eyeliner, or just a simple look, false lashes are what help the look. But, you have to learn how to reuse your false lashes because no one has time to keep going by buying new lashes every time you want to do a new look.

First, let's start off by understanding your lashes, now me personally I prefer cheap beauty store false lashes because they are cute, cheap, and get the job done just like an expensive pair of false lashes would. You don't have to go out and spend $15 on one pair of false lashes. Aliexpress have false lashes as low as .66 cent. You're welcome, I just put you on to your new favorite website.

Now let's say you applied a new pair of lashes, you've worn them all day and now its time to take them off, are you going to throw them away in the trash or are you going to clean the lashes the proper way so you can reuse them???? YOU'RE GOING TO CLEAN THEM! Back away from the trash can.

The first thing you should do is take two cotton pads and apply makeup remover to the cotton pads. Now you're going to lay one cotton pad down, and place one of the false lashes on the cotton pad, after that you are going to take the other cotton pad and place it on top of the lash. So you should basically have one of the lashes in between two cotton pads that have makeup remover on them.

Let sit for just a little, now remove the cotton pad that is on the top but keep the other cotton pad on the bottom. Now you are going to grab a pipe cleaner. WIth the pipe cleaner, you are going to gently go over the eyelash hairs. You have makeup remover on the eyelash hairs, so you should be seeing any mascara or any other makeup come off the eyelash hairs that you applied.

Once you noticed that all makeup is removed from the eyelash hairs you are then going to grab some tweezers. You are going to use the tweezers to gently remove any eyelash glue from the lash line. This is important because this is what's going to help you be able to use the lashes again.

Once all lash glue is removed, I suggest taking an eyelash or eyebrow brush and just gently bush the eyelash hairs. Once all is done go ahead and pop the false lashes back into the container you bought them in.

Not only do you need to take care of false lashes but you also if you have eyelash extensions you need to take care of those. That means bushing the eyelashes daily and making sure you don't apply any additional oils to them.

I hope this really helps because at the end of the day we all want to save money! Also, I learned how to clean my false eyelashes from Huda Beauty's blog!


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