Let's talk about a topic that's avoided, ignored, and forgotten altogether...Vulnerability.

Being vulnerable has always been difficult for me. I'm afraid of trusting people, and I don't, just in order to protect myself. I don't open up easily about my feelings because I feel it's sometimes easier just to keep it all to myself. The fear of getting hurt is greater than my desire to grow, which frankly is terrible on my part.

What does any of that do to help myself? How will I ever grow being so closed off and protected? How will I learn to rise from my failures if I'm too afraid to even fall? I've been asking myself these questions constantly lately. I've been too afraid to open up to some people. I've been too afraid to say what I'm actually feeling. I've been too afraid to ask the questions that have been eating me alive.

It's OKAY to be a little reserved. It's okay to protect your heart, but you have to let a bit in, in order to grow. Failing is what makes us stronger, not weaker. I've been trying to switch my mentality to this lately.

I've been telling myself every day to do one thing that makes me vulnerable in any given situation. Yesterday I told someone how I really felt instead of holding back. Today I made sure I made friends with at least 2 new people in my classes. Tomorrow, I hope to do something that makes me feel even more uncomfortable and sets me on the path of growth.

You don't need to spill your deepest, darkest secrets to be vulnerable. Once a day, do something that makes you nervous. Something that allows you to open yourself up to the idea of getting hurt. If we all learn to be passionate about the journey instead of the final results, that's when we'll be most content with ourselves.

Be vulnerable. Open up. Get hurt. There's nothing wrong with that.