Dear Self,

I want to start by saying that you are irreplaceable. Out of all the people I know, you matter the most to me. It’s a shame that some people are not able to see your worth and that even you are unable to sometimes. But I am glad to be the one to open your eyes, once in a while, to the warmth and light you bring.

You are a KIND soul—always putting others before yourself. I see that in you and I appreciate that in you. You go out of your way to help those in need. You are selfless.

I admire your strength. People have tried to tear you down so many times that I’ve lost count. But every time they have tried, you stood your ground. There were many times when you tried to bring yourself down because you’re so hard on yourself. Those were the hardest times. You wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to show you that you deserve love. In a time of great weakness, you showed incredible STRENGTH. You asked for help when you needed the support, and for that I am so proud of you.

You fight for your rights almost as much as you fight for the rights of others and for that, you are a WARRIOR. You go out of your way to educate others who have lost sight of what it means to be human. You are COURAGEOUS. You show them the beauty in them as well as the beauty in the world.

It is difficult to see the beauty that lies in the world while we are suffering dark times, but you have the POWER to do so. People go hungry and thirsty, they are being killed and they are hurt and scared. But there is progress. There is change. There is light and it is created by you and others like you.

You see the good in people and the good in the world. It’s time to start seeing the good in you. It’s there, I promise.

Inside of you, there is growth and kindness. There is strength and power. There is peace and beauty. Inside of you, there is balance—light and dark, because without the darkness we cannot see the light. They work together to help you support others and yourself. For to truly help others, the way that you do, you must know pain and suffering as much as you know hope and light.

You are truly one of a kind.

You are incredible. You matter. You are not disposable. For every one person that tries to tear you down, there are 10 people here to help you build yourself back up. You are strong. You are important. Your thoughts and feelings are valuable. I truly have not known someone that I admire more. It is because of your kindness, your selflessness, your strength, growth, courage, beauty, light and much more that I love you.

Always and forever,