Someone once told me that the friends you make in college are unlike any others. I was always very skeptical of this claim, as I loved my high school friends and could not imagine meeting people that would ever live up to the incredibly high standards they have set for me.

In 20/20 hindsight, I was pretty naive and clearly inexperienced for thinking this. In the past six months, I have grown as close, if not closer, to my college friends that I did to my high school friends in two years. There is just something about physically living with some of your favorite people that makes your relationships that much deeper. I started off freshman year totally alone, 2,000 miles away from a place that had always been my home.

I was lucky enough to meet people the very first week of school who ended up being some of my best friends for the entire year. As the months went by, I met more people through classes and clubs and just life in general. The friends I have made my freshman year became more like a family. From walking to class together, studying together, going out together and doing absolutely nothing together, I have found people who I truly love to be around.

My friends have been there for me when I was feeling stressed or lonely, and they have been around for the best, most fun nights of my life. They have accepted me for who I am and have pushed me to be a better person. So even though I am super excited to go home to my high school friends, I am sad to say goodbye to the people who have made a place that was new and unfamiliar feel so much like home for the past three quarters.

Even though we will be separated for only three moths, I am already so excited to see what next year has in store.