Steve Irwin Deserves All Our Love And Admiration

Steve Irwin Deserves All Our Love And Admiration

The Crocodile Hunter's legacy will live forever.


I love being outside. The earth is a gnarly place and I enjoy spending time in it. I grew up in a neighborhood that bordered the Eno River so I spent my time after school and on the weekends walking the trails, playing in the water, and searching for wildlife.

When I was inside, I watched animal planet, discovery channel and of course Steve Irwin.

I was only 8 years old when he died and didn't really comprehend what happened. When I look back at the accident, it overwhelms me with sadness that this incredibly generous person who loved the wild - died while completing his work.

For a long time, I could not figure out what I was meant to do. It seemed that everyone around me was either really smart, or athletic, or popular, or had some sort of talent that set them apart. Sure, I had fun facts about myself, but I felt like I hadn't found what made me - me.

I must've just been overlooking what my whole life had been themed around, I mean I spent my time walking on Eno River trails, going to summer camp, working at the Sea Turtle Hospital, watching animal planet, hugging trees, doubling science courses each semester, and researching marine life.

It wasn't until I took my AP Environmental Science class in high school that I realized I wanted to teach children about this.

When I was 15, I went to Sea Turtle Camp. It was on the coast of North Carolina, centered in Topsail where I worked with injured and sick sea turtles by feeding them, cleaning them and learning about turtle veterinary medicine processes and then educated tourists on the importance of the hospital. I loved doing this program because it really got me out in the field.

I could read all day on how the earth and it's natural resources. This planet is incredible and something we need to save.

Now where does this tie back into Steve?

Steve Irwin loved the wild. He wasn't afraid of it.

A big part of environmental science is the unknown. This field is extremely out of the office and in the field. It requires wearing khaki with pride and learning how to get dirty. Many parents these days contribute to the increase in child use of technology and indoor activities due to fear of danger.

They couldn't be more blind.

Danger exists within the technology we spend our time invested in. Our eyes, brains and physical bodies are constantly sitting and being dragged into a world of commercial materials. Spending time on the internet makes us more susceptible to anxiety and depression.

While I may sound like a hypocrite as I sit here writing online hoping that you will stroll upon my article and take the time to read it, and I too spend good amounts of time on the internet, I also make sure that any chance I get I go outside and spend time outdoors. It is what is important to me, and helps people gain awareness and appreciation. Spending time outside does, in fact, increase intelligence and overall happiness!

One of Steve's best quotes was:" We Don't Own the planet, we belong to it. And we must share it with our wildlife."

He had no fears about wildlife or the unknown that the earth is. He wasn't afraid, he was appreciative.

Not to mention he was one of the coolest people around. He was from the land down under and wrangled crocodiles for a living. And when we say "crocodile hunter" we don't mean he killed, he never killed. He rescued them, which required some wrangling and some rescuing, but he never intentionally hurt the animals.

He was always excited and treated each wildlife member with respect. And for that, I respect him.

Although he is no longer with us, his family and children live on for him with the Australia Zoo bigger than ever and with the new show: "Crikey! It's the Irwin's"! ( really great show, highly recommend)

Much love Steve, maybe someday we will meet!

RIP Steve Irwin.

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10 Reasons Why Tom Holland Is The Definition Of Total Boyfriend Material

He's the adorable British dork of our dreams.


Tom Holland first stormed onto the scene as Spiderman in "Captain America: Civil War" in 2016, and we all loved his performance in the movie. However, now that time has gone on, there's another reason he's stolen all of our hearts: He's one hundred percent boyfriend material! He's absolutely adorable, is a complete dork without ever meaning to, and he loves all dogs. There are so many reasons Tom Holland is perfect boyfriend material, but here are ten of the most important reasons.

1. Let's start with the obvious: He's Spiderman.

What girl wouldn't want to date a superhero? Spiderman is one of the best superheroes ever so it would be amazing to date the actor who plays him. Also, if you didn't cry during Tom Holland's final performance in "Infinity War", you're lying.

2. He loves dogs.

Not only does he have a cute pit bull named Tessa, but he also seems to make friends with every dog he meets. It would be so wonderful to play with dogs with him!

3. He's always down for adventures.

One of the best parts of dating someone is getting to try new things and go on adventures with them. Since Tom travels the world all the time to promote his movies, you and he could maybe take time every now and then to try something new, like surfing!

4. He's that adorable British boyfriend you've always dreamt of.

Yes, celebrities like Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch have a more "suave Brit" personality about them, but Tom Holland is the "adorable Brit" every girl has ever dreamt of dating. He's pretty much cornered the market at this point.

5. He's just a really big dork.

I mean, just look at him! I don't think there would be anyone better to laugh or do dorky things with than Tom Holland.

6. He's got a great group of friends.

I don't know about you, but I would love to hang out with Zendaya and Jacob Balaton. All three of these guys just seem like perfect squad goals.

7. He truly loves and appreciates the people in his life.

Tom always shows his gratitude for every opportunity he's been given and never hesitates to support his co-stars. That, to me, is true friendship.

8. He's got a great sense of style.

That is one classy outfit right there. And the muscles are a great bonus.

9. He's well-traveled.

How awesome would it be to see the world with Tom as he goes on promotional tours? Think of all the cool things you could experience together!

10. He's a pure ray of sunshine who deserves the world.

Breaking News: Local Boy is a Literal Angel. He is the Brightest Ray of Sunshine.

So ladies, if you're looking for the perfect boyfriend, look no further than Tom Holland.

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We Can't Just 'Cancel' Everything, There Have To Be Boundaries

Where do we draw the line?


We've all seen the news over the past few days. We all know who James Charles & Tati Westbrook are and what they've done. I'm not going to sit here and attempt to a) re-tell this drama or b) persuade you to think one way or another, but rather to direct you towards the bigger picture.

Cancel culture.

To be 'canceled' is, essentially, "used like a massive, informal boycott when someone or something in the public eye offends ...or when we're just over them." For instance, after Olivia Jade and her family were caught up in the college admissions scandal? #Canceled. Comedian Louis C.K admitting to sexual harassment? #Canceled. Jussie Smollet faking a racially-charged attack? #Canceled. Ironically, both Roseanne Barr and her show Roseanne were #Canceled. Lol. You get the point?

But what exactly is the criteria for cancelation? Many other celebrities have hit rock bottom in the past and managed to climb their way back to the top unscathed, but why have these celebs reached the point of no return? Take Kanye for example: he openly supports President Trump, he's called slavery "a choice," he's been discriminatory towards the handicapped, he speaks irrationally and radically on Twitter, that whole Taylor Swift debacle — the list goes on. At the time, these events seemed pretty serious with Twitter users commenting, "He is not a free thinker. He is a free moron who doesn't read." and thousands of others unfollowing the celebrity on all social media platforms. However, "West hasn't entirely been canceled. He's still afforded a platform, power, a voice." Despite each knockdown, he's managed to scrape himself back off the ground and project his redeemable qualities of being family-oriented, humorous, and a decent musical artist.

The same goes for Jordyn Woods. People were so quick to "cancel" her after the cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson. The internet quite literally exploded days after the news broke with memes, nasty comments, and photos just dragging her entire existence. Shockingly, after an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith where she revealed her side of the story (playing the victim card), the world was suddenly empathetic?? In less than a week, the narrative was flipped and audiences were running to her defense saying, "It wasn't her fault" and "How brave of her to share her story." Now, Jordyn claims to be happier than ever, thriving within her modeling career and clothing line.

Again, I ask, what allows some people to bounce back from life-altering scandals while others have no chance to redeem themselves? Is it a legality thing? Does age, race, or gender play a part in it? As media gatekeepers, the fate of these celebrities is quite literally in our hands. We decide whose career/life gets ruined, whose issues are worth overlooking, who deserves to be publicly shamed, etc. We must remember that these celebrities are people, too. They have families, feelings, children, personal lives that don't involve the outside world. Rather than "canceling" someone, why don't we re-direct them towards the truth or encourage that they seek help? We can still continue the conversation and acknowledge that what these individuals have done is wrong without spewing negativity online. It's 2019 — let's do better and let's be better.

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