I Love You, Philadelphia

Many may view you as just a city but, I view you as home.

Philadelphia, oh, Philadelphia. You’re full of some of the most amazing things such as food, history, and fun events. Even though many may have a bad perspective of you, there are so many others who love the city of Brotherly Love.

I love you, Philadelphia. What is the best way to a person's heart? Oh, right, food! Your cheese steaks are famous across the country and, you can only have that specific taste in Philadelphia.

I love you, Philadelphia. You’re full of history. You have been there for us for a couple hundred years now and can show us that from your historical monuments. Whether it be the Liberty Bell or a museum, you display important marks that have helped us create the beautiful land of the USA.

I love you, Philadelphia. Your view will always be amazing. Boat House Row will catch anyone’s eyes, even if someone has seen that landscape every day. Looking around buildings and streets and seeing colorful works of art captures the beauty that is around the city.

I love you, Philadelphia. You will always be busy, whether it is three in the afternoon or three in the morning. You will always find a way to entertain anyone who comes by at any hour of the day. From an event on a Summer night or a walk through Franklin Square, you will always have us doing something.

I love you, Philadelphia. You’re home to families, business owners, and even college students. Whoever it may be, I'm sure that they are proud to be a part of this city.

I love you, Philadelphia.

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