As I end my second year of living with a nursing major I can say that it has made our lives very interesting. Other than the fact that my roommate and I are already odd people, our room is always entertaining. Since my roommate is a nursing major it means that the friends she brings to the room are generally in that field as well. One of our other great friends is always in our room. Do I mind? No, of course not. Living with nursing majors has many pros and cons:

Pro: Whenever I am sick they can help

I have my own personal caretakers in my room every day. I don't have to go far and it costs me absolutely no money.

Con: If I'm sick it becomes experiment time to figure out what disease I have

This is almost worse than me going on WebMD and looking up my illnesses. A common cold turns into pneumonia in two seconds.

Pro: I have learned a lot about anatomy, drugs, etc.

While studying psychology I found a connection to drugs the nursing students were studying; we had conversations about how they connect and how different parts of the body work weird. Didn't take anatomy, but helping them study made me feel like I did.

Con: Some of their stories I will never get out of my mind

The type of things I have heard that they have seen or could see during day to day work, I never needed to know. Cool stories though but not meant for table talk.

Pro: It makes you thankful for your own major

I see the way they stress out about everything and how getting kicked out of the program at any point is a major reality. I am thankful to not have that added stress.

Con: You question if you should've switched to be a Nursing major

This is because you know so much now before you did coming into school. They share so much information with you and you feel like you already know everything you need to in order to become a nurse.

Pro: You remember how awesome your major is

The reason you chose the major you did because you knew it was what you wanted to do. Also why have a room full of majorly stressed out medical students? Who would be the one to distract everyone when a break is needed. Nothing would ever be clean in the room either, no time for such things.

Con: You are their test dummy

Honestly it isn't that bad. As they begin to learn new skills and work with patients they need to try it out on someone and I am the obvious choice because I am right in the room.

In the end, there are pros and cons to everything in life. I am thankful for the roommate I have and the friendship that has grown because of our experiences/adventures together. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world! Nursing majors are always busy and stressed and that is why they need someone like me to get them out and about every now and then. The opposite of a scary college roommate story is one that actually works out in the end.