A Love Letter To Traveling

The best memories I have are from when I was traveling.

I have been blessed enough to have visited numerous, breathtaking places including Costa Rica, Honduras, Alaska, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Nashville, San Diego, Las Angeles, Miami, and many, many more. Each place offers a unique experience and a new worldly perspective.

One of my favorite parts of going to these places is experiencing their food. From the empanadas in Honduras to the Quinoa burgers in Chicago to the Ghiradelli ice cream in San Francisco, each city offers you a little piece of them via your stomach.

Nothing beats getting dressed up with friends, family, or even by yourself and going out on the town and getting dinner at a locally famous restaurant. One of the best meals that I have ever had was at Tavern at the Park in Chicago, and I highly recommend that anyone in Chicago gives them a visit and orders their hummus as an appetizer and Quinoa burger as your entree. Trust me, you will leave more than satisfied and left wanting more.

Beyond food, seeing the cities' history and the sites for which they are famous is probably the best part. From monuments to bridges to beaches to architecture, each place offers you something unique and different. Running and biking the San Fransisco bridge is probably one of my fondest I have had while traveling, followed very closely by feeding monkeys by hand on the beaches of Costa Rica and fishing in the rivers of Alaska surrounded by glaciers and snow-capped mountains.

Further, the noticeable differences in the cities' architecture are truly beautiful to observe. San Francisco is known for its tall, narrow houses, Boston has its cobblestone roads, Miami has huge apartment/condominium complexes, and then Honduras has a more tropical, hut-style vibe to it.

Further, everywhere you go you get to meet the people who live there and hear how they view their city. Talking with residents of the place you are visiting offers a unique perspective of that place that could add to your trip's experience. While there are definitely distinct differences between the people from different places, there are also many similarities.

No matter where I went, the people were always so welcoming and loved giving recommendations and sharing their beloved city with me. I definitely recommend taking the time to have meaningful conversations with the residents of the places you are visiting as it will definitely benefit you and your traveling experience.

Traveling is a pastime that truly adds to your life and the memories you make as you live it, and I can't wait to see the adventures that lie ahead for me. My next adventure starts in a little over a month, as I will be venturing to Europe for the entirety of May.

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