Dear Qdoba,

How I love thee. Let us count the ways. I love how you’re always there for me at two in the morning (on Thursdays through Saturdays) to appease my erratic eating schedule as a college student. Whether it’s for a late night pick me up before immersing myself into yet another study session or paper writing, or just a fourth meal—you always have my back. Except for Sunday through Wednesday when you close at 10 p.m. But through the week, I still love you anyways.

Loving you doesn’t hurt the bank. It’s a decent price for good food. I know that each visit costs me $8.41 unless I decide to splurge on a drink just to use your fancy soda machine. It’s definitely a restaurant that is on good terms with my wallet, especially with the lovely Qdoba rewards card that gets me a free entrée after every 10 burritos.

I love your variety of menu items; whether it be burritos, tacos, nachos or the strange soupy thing my friend gets every time we go. There’s something for everyone. I love the personalization you give to each burrito or taco that goes through. You have options. The variety doesn’t end there—oh no. You are a giver. You have a huge selection of things to put inside a tortilla.

There are three meats for all the meat lovers, and then fajita vegetables for the vegetarians. You give us two choices for rice, one for the healthy and one for the right. Same for the beans. Two choices, one option for all people. The sauce section is my favorite. The amazing part you give us that no one else does is queso. Not just one choice of queso, either, but two. Queso for the faint of spice and there’s queso for the spice connoisseur. Either option, there is no wrong. To top off the masterpiece that you put together in front of us, are the toppings. If I want to put more cheese on top of my queso, you do it without question. If I want to add guacamole, you add it without charging me extra. You know what my heart wants in a burrito or taco and you give it to me, usually with a smile.

I love how easy you are to work with as well. I don’t know how many times organizations use you as a way to fundraise for something good. It makes me feel twice as good to visit you because I’m helping out a good organization and treating my taste buds to beautiful delicacy. So I thank you for that, extensively and immensely.

Don’t get me wrong, Qdoba, I’ve tried other places. I’ve ventured outside of my cocoon of comfort to experience other places with friends. I’ve tried different types of food, but nothing matches up to the love and support you give me.

But, our relationship isn’t perfect. I can’t visit you all of the time because of the contents of my bank account. But, when food comes into the picture, you are the first thing on my mind.