Dear Creators of HQ, thank you.

Who needs love when you can play a trivia with 319,000 of your closest friends. For those who don't know, HQ is a live trivia game hosted by Scott Rogowsky through an app, HQ, on your phone. The prize is usually up to $1,000 for the winners but once it was $10,000. If more than one person wins they split the prize. I play it religiously.

HQ is more than a game, it's a lifestyle.

I started playing HQ because my brother sent me his access code a few weeks ago. I thought it sounded dumb and did not even respond to the text. However, later that day I was beyond bored and decided to just download the app, I mean why not. That is the moment that everything changed. It was 3 PM when I played my first round. The question was what was one of the original ingredients in gummy bears. The answers were gum, goat milk, and bear meat. Since I was not aware that the first question is always ridiculously easy, I answered bear meat. Yes, I am that dumb.

At 9 PM, I got a few of my friends to play with me and use my access code. We sat in my room and suddenly we were screaming through each question. We only made it to about the fourth question probably but it was so exciting.

HQ goes live twice each weekday, once at 3 PM and once at 9 PM. On the weekend it only goes live at 9 PM. Half of my friends are in class at 3 PM but that does not stop them. Just because your in the middle of the review for you final does not mean that you shouldn’t be playing HQ. The game consists of twelve questions ranging from easy to hard and lasts about 12 minutes. The first question is always insanely easy and the last one is ridiculously hard.

I have been playing HQ every day twice a day for almost two weeks it feels like and I would think that by now I might have won. Well, I thought wrong. I have made it to the ninth question once but usually only get to the seventh. Tonight is going to be my night though, I can feel it. It get’s so rowdy in my room during the game that someone once came to make sure that everything was okay. As previously stated, HQ is a way of life.

Everyone should get the app and join the movement. Also... use my access code so I get an extra life! Use my code: Hor Toff