Dear Try Guys,

Just to preface, I don't love many things. But you four, have stolen my heart and multiple hours of my life when I should have been studying. Every video you make is cinematic GOLD. To say that you are the core four, would be an understatement.

Each of you has a special place in my heart.

Ned.... the love you have for your wife is inspirational. You have made me determined to never find a partner that will love me any less than you love Ariel. Also, you got one hell of a competitive spirit and I am so excited to see your child plow some other kids in soccer.

Keith... Alright, you have to know one thing, you're the funniest Try Guy. Even though that you lose almost every competition, you win in my heart. I cried when you got married not only because your vows were EMOTIONAL as hell but also because there is one less available amazing guy.

Zach... I thought that we had a connection. I thought we were gonna get married. But then, you did the unthinkable. You didn't respond to my tweet. It's over.

And finally, Eugene... You are more beautiful than a beautiful flower. I love you, but you got to start letting some of the other guys win a competition (especially Ned, you know he needs it).

Anyway, please keep doing y'all. Keep the videos and the laughs coming. And if you ever need a fifth member of the Try Guys, I am free on most weekends.