Love Isn't Dead And Don't Become A Pessimist Because Someone Hurt You

Love Isn't Dead And Don't Become A Pessimist Because Someone Hurt You

Roses might be red but violets are definitely purple, not blue.

Jannessa Lai

Let it be known that I've been screwed over couple times. I've also been the person that screwed over people that once cared about me. Maybe we were acting selfishly, maybe we had a change of heart, maybe we were hiding hurt feelings until we couldn't anymore.

Regardless of the reason, I've never met someone who didn't have someone that popped into their mind when a conversation was brought up about heartbreak. Because unless you're a bright-eyed newborn, in one way or another, we've all been hurt before. Whether it be by our family, friends, or significant others, there's no way around it.

We were made to have feelings and although that means we are able to feel on top of the world one day, we are forced to feel when it all comes crashing down too.

But why is it that when a significant other breaks our heart, it's the end of the world? I get it, it's the end of a relationship, you have to completely change your routine, there might be an empty feeling in your life for awhile. Being stuck between wanting that type of love again but not wanting to feel that type of hurt again sucks. But my god, I hope I never become someone that closes off my heart completely. Although I've spent some time infatuated with the wrong people for me, I'm not willing to give up feeling that type of love again. I'm not saying to wait around for Prince Charming but in the meanwhile, spend some time loving the life you were given and if not, build a life worth loving.

Roses might be red but violets are definitely purple, not blue.

It seems nowadays being single is glorified. Rightfully so, being single definitely has its perks. But God forbid we love anyone besides ourselves. I spent a good amount of my life angry over situations that served no purpose being in my mind anymore while I was with another person and while I was single.

Don't let someone's mistake or even your own keep you from giving you the feeling that you're on top of the world. By no means do you have to be with someone to be happy but don't let hurt feelings of the past fester in your mind.

Don't kill love.

I'm not sure when it became a trend to hate love but it sounds pretty lame to me. I know feelings can be annoying when they aren't reciprocated and I understand why when I open my Twitter that I'm bombarded with overused heartbreak quotes on my timeline because I've definitely been there and done that. But don't forget how it felt when life was exactly how you thought you wanted it to be.

Don't become a pessimist because someone hurt you.

Maybe I'm a hopeless optimist and I choose to believe that no pain will ever compare to the feeling of being loved, whether it be by my family, friends, or a significant other. Maybe it's because I've been able to recover from heartbreaks that I never thought would be possible.

No matter what, we've only got one life. Test your limits. Don't spend your life sheltering yourself from the possibilities to become everything you didn't know you could be.

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