A Love/Hate Relationship With 'Bachelor In Paradise'

In true "Bachelor in Paradise" fashion, four episodes into this season have already given us a handful of drama, tears, and fighting. But at the same time, that drama keeps us hooked on the show and coming back to watch every week, and we can't get enough of it. So, here are six reasons, based on what we've seen so far from this season, why we have a love/hate relationship with "Bachelor in Paradise."

1. It reveals people's true character

This season, undoubtedly, has been characterized with the heartbreaking revelation that Blake may not be as sweet and sensitive as everyone in Bachelor Nation thought he was. The Blake from Becca's season is far different from the one we've seen so far in Paradise, and as many people's frontrunner, it's hard to see Blake in such a negative light, but it's also good to finally see his true intentions.

2. The drama, and with that, the tears

While the drama and tears are what keep luring everyone into the show, it can very quickly become annoying to watch. But we just can't seem to stop watching it, because it's what makes the show even more interesting.

3. The girls ALWAYS go for the wrong guy

A little part of me wishes I could yell at some of these girls through the TV because it seems like they always go for the wrong guy, just like Hannah G. may be doing with Dylan. We all want her to end up with Dylan, but yet she's still entertaining the idea of a relationship with Blake. While it makes for an interesting show, it's frustrating to watch all of the good guys leave heartbroken and disappointed so often.

4. Everyone on the show is attractive

While it's nice to look at everyone in Paradise, it's also kind of frustrating. How do ALL of them manage to look so good ALL the time? It seems a little unfair.

5. Wells is always one of the best guys on the show

While we love Wells and how sweet he always is, it's frustrating that he can never be a part of any of the relationships. He's just the bartender, but even despite that, he's already in a very committed relationship, so we'll just have to take what we can get, Bachelor Nation.

6. We just can't seem to get enough of some of the people on the show

Every season of "Bachelor in Paradise" seems to have someone who just makes the show THAT much better, and this season's is definitely John Paul Jones. All of Bachelor Nation fell in love with JPJ during Hannah B's season of "The Bachelorette," and it's frustrating on Paradise that we can't just watch him! He's so noncontroversial and funny that we wish we could just see him take on Paradise.

So, while all of these things may be frustrating about the show, they're also the things that keep us interested in watching every week, and we can't wait to see all of them continue to play out throughout the rest of this season!

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