The end of summer is a nostalgic and great time for me, I love ending the summer with a fun time! The sales, the reconnecting and the last minute fun are memories I'll have for most of my life! I love school but I love getting ready for it with my friends more!

1. There is always a TON of good sales!

I'm a complete nerd for things like planners, notebooks, ballpoint pens and all of that back to school stuff! The best part is there's usually a pretty big sale somewhere where you can find good deals!


There are always so many super cute and organized planners to help us college kids try to keep our shit together, therefore I'm obsessed with it.

3. College Friends are Back!

Back to school season means you're either meeting new people at your new school online or through orientation, or you're connecting with your college friends again for the upcoming semester! Either way, it's so exciting to think about a fresh year with some friends!

4. Tax Free Week

I don't know about you but I'm a broke college kid, looking for deals wherever I can find them! Tax-free week for me = Back to school clothes shopping! Usually stores have deals on top of this to attract more people and I LIVE for it!

5. Last Minute Summer Fun!


Most people get nervous in August because its the end of their summer break, so they want to squeeze as much summer fun in before school! These types of plans are personally my favorite because you get to live up your last few days of summer with some of the best people in your life!