I started college listening to pretty much every genre of music imaginable (except country or metal because there are so many things wrong with both), yet I could never get into EDM. Not only could I not get into it, but I had a problem with it. I hated it. I had this preconceived notion that it was some kind of scary cult following and that people who listened to it were people that I didn't think I'd get along with. Once I voiced this opinion after moving to Florida, which is probably the most EDM-friendly place in the US, I was force-fed a seemingly unending playlist of different sounds that I would soon find out that I couldn't stop listening to.

Out of nowhere, I began to love what I was listening to, and I began to embrace the feeling that I got from it. It was when I was listening to Peanut Butter Jelly by Galantis that I realized why I began gravitating towards EDM so intensely. I liked it because the music goes beyond the scope of what a single instrument or person or group of people can do. It combines everything great about all kinds of music into one genre.

To me, EDM symbolizes endless creativity and happiness. The music can be whatever you want it to be and it becomes a part of you. When you hear that song come on and you immediately stop what you're doing to dance, you appreciate the work from the producers behind it so much and you wonder how something can bring you so much immediate joy over and over again.

There are still the people who claim that EDM is not even music. I will probably not be able to change their minds, but then again, I was once someone who had similar views, and here I am. All I have to say to the people who hate my new favorite music and who think that it is considered to be music any less than any other genre is that if you give it a chance and you try to immerse yourself in the music for even an hour, you might find something that you like, or at least find a new appreciation for something so beautiful and centered around love and belonging.

I try not to be cheesy and sound slightly crazy, but there is something about dance music that brings people together. There is a sense of community that I feel when I watch live performances and see the different artists collaborating together to put their talents together. This happens in other genres as well, but here we can see two artists' styles flawlessly mesh together, creating something totally unique, and then other artists often come along and create their own pieces out of it.

EDM is more than just intense bass and "weird noises," as I have heard many people say. EDM is an art. These DJs/producers have awe-inspiring talents for combining sounds to make something that we can all love and appreciate, and I think everyone should give it a try because it is a truly unique and ever-changing genre that is guaranteed to have something that will give you the most intense ear-gasm you've ever had.