If no one has heard of gimping it's quite fun. Here are six reasons to do it.

1. It's a stress reliever

When I have stress in life during work or anytime in my life, I will go to gimp and I will work on it until all of my stress is gone. It releases all of my stress from working and whoever else has stress in their life should do it.

2. Fun activity for kids and adults

All of the girls love doing gimp at camp it doesn't matter what the day of the week is and it will keep the girls busy for hours. The adults love doing it to. The adults will make them for their kids or just to do them for fun. It's such a fun activity to do during school if the kids have nothing to do.

3. Keeps kids quiet and busy

Everyone who does it at work will keep them quiet for hours when they're doing it. When the kids are doing the gimp it will keep them busy and when they are busy and quiet that always a good thing.

4. Different color and different ways

There are so many different color and so many different way to, the way you can do a snitch their is a zipper, a box, a box spiral, and a double box and also a double box spiral and there are a lot more than just that. There is like almost every color and the color of the rainbow.

5. Do gimp at work, make it a tradition

Ever Friday at work we have a tradition that we always do gimp Friday; it's been a thing at camp for the longest time. On Friday everyone will have gimp in their hand.

Gimp is used to make bracelets, lanyard, pulleys, and even bookmarks. The other name for gimp is called gimp or boondoggle. You can save for gimp a lot of other of more stuff.