Divorce sucks. I'm not going to sugar coat it.

It tears families apart. But, after years of watching my parents being divorced, I've learned that I don't want them married.

My mom deserves better than my dad, to be honest. And Dad is happy chasing the life he has.

There are a few reasons to love divorce, though, and it often takes quite a few years to realize them. I've taken years and years to come up with a list of reasons to love being a child of divorce. Here are some of the reasons.

1. Twice The Holidays

This can also be seen as a con, since it's stressful figuring out where you're going every holiday. But, you get twice the presents on Christmas, twice the meals on Thanksgiving and two times the family time. That wins, overall.

2. Two Houses

One with Mom, one with Dad. Two bedrooms. Two different ways to decorate.

3. Traveling

My dad has lived all over since the divorce. North Carolina, New York and Ohio are just some of the places.

I've gotten to travel to each of these places and make them my "home," even for a little bit. It has always been a vacation to see my dad.

4. New Family

If either parent gets remarried (or, if both do), that's just more family! Extra parents, possibly extra siblings, extra cousins, extra grandparents — the list goes on and on! And who doesn't need more family?

5. Child Support

I'm just gonna say it. It helps a lot. Thanks, Dad!

6. You Don't Get Overloaded With Family

Seeing both sides of the family all at once is a bit much. Now you get time with each side individually! It's great and makes each holiday and occasion all the more special.

7. Pity Presents

Sometimes, the parent who doesn't live nearby feels bad that they don't see you all the time. Then they buy you all these extra gifts and go above and beyond to buy you fancy things. Make sure you say thanks, though.

8. Double Everything

Dad doesn't know what Mom bought you and vice versa. What you have at Mom's house, you'll probably need at Dad's too. Holidays with Dad are shared with holidays with Mom. There's double of everything.

Divorce isn't fun. In fact, it breaks my heart to even think about. But, sometimes, people are better off apart than they are together.

These are just a few of the positives I've noticed over the years, but it is in no way something that I would wish on anyone.