Take the opportunity to love while you can.

What would you do if you found out that you had six months left to live? Would you live your life as carefree as ever or would you keep on living like you normally do?

I once read a sad short story about a man who found out that he had a few weeks left to live. He spent the time he had left chasing the person he thought he loved while ignoring the actual people that loved him. It wasn't until he was alone on his death bed that he realized the mistake he made.

This story really opened my eyes and confirmed what I have always believed about love. When your loved ones tell you that they will love you forever even after death, do you really believe it? Or are you a realist like me who believes that love is just a feeling that exists until death comes and separates you from the people you love forever? I have always believed that it is a very crazy emotion. It is so ambivalent in the fact that we need it to make the world a happier place while on the other hand, it makes us do unnatural things.

Death is more certain than love.

It is a sure thing that everyone will die one day, but is it sure that the love you had while alive will last even after you are gone? I have seen so many people believe that they would love someone forever, but the moment they are gone, life goes on and they begin to forget the person and move on with their life. I know that that is how life is, we meet new people every day and experience new things and this tends to make us forget the things we once held dear.

I believe death comes between love and that once it comes, love will die, and life will go on. I also believe that it should not hinder us from loving the people we hold dear that surround us. Death is sure to come but till it does, show the people that love you have for them: send flowers to your significant other while they are at work/school, call your parents and siblings and tell them you love them, send that text message to your friends and tell them how much you appreciate them. Life is short, and we will never know when death will come but till then...

Love deeply.

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