Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by Audible, but I wish it was.

If you're a real one, you know I have a thing for audiobooks, heck I've probably made you listen to one with me!

My, some may say, "obsession," over audiobooks began in the 8th grade when I really hated reading.

As a final project for English class, each student had to choose a book that they would be focused on for the remainder of the year. This book couldn't be the same as any other student's in my class, and twice a week randomly my teacher would give us a short response quiz about the book we chose.

She gave the same set of questions to everyone but assured us that she had read every book we chose, so she would know if we were making anything up. Even though the questions had to be generalized to work with each student's different selection, if your responses didn't go deeper than something that could be found on a Sparknotes chapter summary, your grade was affected.

At this point in my life I was under the impression that College's not only looked at your High School grades, but your Middle School grades as well (news flash, they don't), so I was scared into doing well, which wasn't such a bad thing after all, but meant I had to actually read this book.

I chose "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo," which I don't recommend any 8th grader reading. I bought the paperback copy and everything, but I still couldn't bring myself to get past the first chapter. Every time I walked into my English class I was overwhelmed with anxiety that we might be quizzed and I would have no clue what to write!

I also knew for a fact that my teacher had read my book because she cautioned me initially when I chose it, referring to some pretty graphics and intense scenes, I would later hear for myself.

Just when I thought all hope was lost, that I was either going to read this book or not get into college, I remembered that one of my favorite YouTubers at the time, Meghan Rienks, had done an audiobook sponsorship! Whether she actually enjoyed Audible herself or not, she was the saving grace. I went back and watched her video and then began my 30-day free trial with promo code "Meghan."

I'm someone who prefers to have a tv show or movie playing loud in the background while I'm running around the house doing other things as opposed to actually sitting and watching something. So, audiobooks are right up my alley.

I currently have 51 books in my Audible library and I've listened to almost all of them, even going back and listening more than once. I like audiobooks because I can listen to them everywhere, while driving, tanning, walking the dog, cleaning my room, etc.

I don't have trouble focusing on the book while I'm doing something else, so it saves me a lot of time. While other book lovers are sitting in one spot reading for hours, I'm running errands or packing for vacation!

And yes, after I started listening, I do call myself a "book lover." I've always loved listening to other people stories and experiences, so it's no surprise I would also love audiobooks!

Now when people say "the book is so much better than the movie," I find out for myself, by listening.

But yes, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie.