In a few months, I will have been an adult for almost two years... and I still know nothing. When I say that I know nothing, I don't literally mean that I don't know anything, because I do, I'm still in college. What I mean is the lingo of the times. And I know by saying that, I am not down with the times.

I am not afraid to admit that I don't really "fit in" with my age group because I do but I don't. I don't say any of the slang like "lit" or "bet.” Those are the only two I know, which, again, shows how much I don't fit in. I thought that I would compile a list of things that confuse me about this world and things that I feel like I should know about but don't. Enjoy.

1. Talking

Okay so this one has been explained to me many times and I still don't understand it exactly. I feel like growing up, no one ever said "Oh, they're talking. I think they're going to date." I think we said things like "They've been together a lot." I guess those are the same thing, but I don't remember hearing that phrase in high school or middle school. I don't know why it confuses me, but it does. I understand for someone to hangout with someone and go on dates, but we just called that dating and getting to know each other. Oh well.

2. Going to lunch.

Okay let me explain. I like to go to lunch and dinner with people I don't know very well because I feel like it is an easy way to get to know someone. If the conversation is becoming bland, then you can talk about the food or the restaurant or things in the place you're eating. Plus, when someone is 4. eating food, they feel more comfortable to talk about certain things, I don't know why, but it just does. I feel like now if you ask someone to go to lunch with you or have a meal with you, it is thought of as a date. I honestly just want to go and eat together and get to know you as a person. It doesn't mean anything, I just don't want to eat alone.

3. Dressing like you're homeless.

Okay now I feel like I should explain this one too. I mean the thing of wearing large baggy shirts and then a tiny sweater or sweatshirt over top. I don't understand this at all. I mean what's the point of the top layer if it's not covering anything? Why wear the sweater if it's not doing its purpose? Maybe it's just the trend that's at my school, but I swear every single person is like this. I don't know when it became cool, but I guess it is.

4. Trash television.

I guess this is one that has been around for a while, but I never realized it until now. I have never met so many people in my life who would rather watch television that is made just for background noise than watch something that could be beneficial to them. In the amount of time that the Kardashian show has been on, I have watched a total of thirty minutes because it is so unbelievably unesscary. I don't understand the point of watching something you can't take information away from.

5. Friend Groups.

Going through college and high school has allowed me to be a part of many friend groups. Personally, I think friend groups are the dumbest things. I don't understand how there can be a group of eight people who all get along and all like each other. It confuses me how these people just join a group and they just know that those are their friends. I have been in one friend group that fell apart because there were nine people all trying to be friends. It just can't work, I know that there is always someone who doesn't get along with the rest of the group.

6. Being overly “extra.”

I don't know when this word came into play, but I wonder how it became an adjective. We never called someone "extra" we instead called them "hyper". I feel like extra is a word that we just created and decided to use because saying that someone was hyper became wrong to say. I know that people are called extra if they are an overachiever or tried really hard to be the best. I don't remember when it became cool to be extra. I feel like now it's expected for people to be extra to show that they are fun or exciting or cool.

7. Everything having a deeper meaning.

Okay, this goes back to the whole lunch thing and hanging out and talking. I feel like it's weird now to go and spend time one on one with someone without there being a greater meaning behind it. If I ask you to go and do something with me, it you're a boy, it doesn't mean I'm doing that because I want to date you. I am simply asking you because I want to get to know you better. It's also like you can't go and talk to someone if they're already talking to someone. This goes back to my understanding of the concept of "talking to someone". Why can't I be friends with someone and make a friendship with someone while they're trying to date someone.

I hope that this list of confusing things for me has better explained these things rather than made them more confusing. I understand that these are basic things that I'm sure everyone but me knows and understands, but they're still confusing. I hope that this list has reminded you that not everyone is "down with the times" or in the groove.