Warning: You are Losing Your Guy by Not Asking Questions
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Warning: You are Losing Your Guy by Not Asking Questions

Staying in Love

Warning: You are Losing Your Guy by Not Asking Questions

Maintaining a relationship isn't as easy as one might think. Singles always presume that getting into a relationship is all they need to be happy, but once they are in one, they realize that there is more than just keeping each other's company.

Love is often a strangely circular process that's both an intention and an action. Falling in love takes no effort that even the undisciplined and lazy individuals do so energetically. It isn't an act of will, neither is it a conscious choice. Staying in love, is, however, an everyday task that's quite demanding in a typical relationship.

Why ask questions?

In a world where the bloom of romance fades so fast, it's necessary to devise some techniques that will ignite the theme of love and bring love birds closer despite the harsh love-life realities. If there's something that keeps a relationship intact, it is got to be proper communication. For effective two-way communication, interesting questions need to be part of the package.

Not everyone is interested in the small talk about how the day turned hectic or some generic "how is your evening" questions. Some personalities are so passionate about life that they would want to discuss global issues, things to do with international time zones, conspiracy theories, and the likes. Others will prefer personal questions that seek to answer their purpose in life.

Just because you have to ask your partner some questions doesn't mean you are to overdo it. Knowing the right set of Questions to ask a guy or even where and when to break the ice with those sensitive topics makes a huge difference. Whatever will work, proper choices of questions should be a priority.

Falling in love and Staying in Love

Falling in love is a temporary process that's often confused with real love. The former has some sexual specificity and most people do fall in love to end their loneliness and perhaps insure the result through marriage. To stay in love, on the other hand, means accepting the other person as a version of their unique self and putting up with their defects and bad codes.

The feeling of falling in love is so intense and unrealistic. Two lovebirds who are just getting into a relationship often feel like they can conquer every obstacle in the world. That they are well-merged and swinging in the same breeze of success and that their love can force the opposition to bow down in submission.

This feeling won't last long before reality sets forth and dismantle the otherwise, superhero fantasies. Truly, life has a way of humbling its subjects and showing them the right course to follow in life.

When love is about to turn into a bitter game of hate and resentment; there's always a way to revive the feeling of omnipotence and once again rejuvenate the spell of romance. It's all done by following the proper communication channel; understanding each other by asking the right and relevant questions.

When nothing short of spectacular does, turn to some natural ways of spiking attraction and generating quick interest in your guy. Loving isn't simply giving- it's judicious giving and thoughtful withholding. It needs a flexible system for expressing and responding to the demands of your significant other. This can be done comfortably by exchanging ingeniously formulated questions.

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