Looking Back On 2017

Looking Back On 2017

The good, the bad, the ugly.

This year was a year for the books. There were ups, there were downs. There were moments where I was crying with laughter. There were moments where I was just crying. I turned 20 this year, and as I head into this new decade, I have many memories to take with me from the topsy-turvy year that was 2017.

2017 was the year that Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. Everyone always says that whatever the current election is happening is the most controversial election of all time.

It’s usually not true, but this time I feel confident in saying people characterized this one correctly. This election came off the heels of the first black president of this country, and featured two incendiary candidates, one of them a woman, one of them a business man.

Nothing was expected, and everything was a harsh battle, filled with stress and disbelief. There were protests and shows of activism that I was amazed to be seeing and to be a part of. It gave me hope for the future as we showed that we the people of America are strong and could overcome such a president as this one.

2017 was the year that we saw the most active hurricane season of the decade. One of the strongest, deadliest, and costliest hurricane seasons. It included Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. There was terrible devastation from these category 5 storms, and most islands are still trying to recover, months later.

It was a storm season that no one expected and that no one will forget. It was a sign of changing times and a changing atmosphere that these storms were able to develop the way they did, giving us our longest category 5 storm on record.

2017 was the year that set the new record for deadliest shooting on US soil. The Las Vegas shooting replaced the Orlando Pulse shooting that happened just last year for the top spot in casualties. The issue of gun control was thrown into the light again…and again it was ignored. These people died in a terrible and preventable way. Nothing was done to help prevent it from happening another time. There was sadness, there was questions, there was forgetfulness and ignorance.


It was not all bad.

2017 was also the year someone on Twitter got the most retweets ever, and landed himself a year’s worth of nuggets from Wendy’s in the process. He showed that literally anything is possible, especially with the help of the internet. Wendy’s, which has arguably the best Twitter on the whole media platform, bowed in defeat to him as the whole Twitter world watched in awe.

2017 was the year that Israeli scientists found a cure for ALS, using money from the ALS Ice-bucket challenge, giving hope to those who have the disease.

2017 was the year that this nation saw a total solar eclipse. Eclipse glasses sales skyrocketed and excitement was at an all-time high for this event.

2017 was the year that high school students in south Florida started a club to make sure kids at their school never had to sit alone at lunch again.

2017 was the year that scientists discovered a new type of aurora lights….and they named it Steve. You go, Steve.

2017 was the year that sexual abuse in mainstream industries was brought to light, and survivors began to receive justice.

2017 was a year where people drew together in the midst of division and hatred. There were many lights in the dark, and that gives me hope for 2018.

2018, I look forward to you. This past year has made us all stronger and has prepared us for the future. We have survived some messed up things, we have seen messed up things, but we also overcame them. 2018 has so much potential for good. Let’s make it our mission for these next 365 days to make them as loving and productive as possible. Let’s live with the good of others in mind. Let’s make a change this year. Let’s cause a difference. Let’s make this year count. Let’s do it together.

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Popular Right Now

10 Sorority Stereotypes We Can Finally Squash

Yay! People finally realizing that it is not just a group of girls bouncing around in glitter in front of a house!

After spending one year not being a part of a sorority and then another year being in one, I now can fully understand where the rumors and opinions of sororities and sorority girls come from. I am here to proudly say that they are not true. And with the help of the show "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!"

1. The girls are dumb

Fun fact: almost all the sororities you come across have a minimum GPA requirement! Also, if grades start to decline for some sorority members, we all pull together into study groups, tutors, and support to ensure that they get back on track.

2. All of the girls are the same/ no diversity

Sorority members come from many different places and from different backgrounds. In fact, you will be happy to hear that the majority of sororities are doing the best they can to invite in more diverse people and bring them into their chapters.

3. There is competition between sisters

If anything, we bring each other up. Ever since joining my sorority, I now have a large group of girls I could pick from that would be more than happy to join me at hip hop fitness, so I do not have to feel insecure when I go alone.

4. All we care about are looks

The first, and one of the only things we look at while recruiting members into our chapters, is a girl's values. Sororities base the majority of decisions on whether they believe a potential new member shares the same beliefs that we do.

5. It is a waste of money

Yes, it can be come expensive, but it comes with so many benefits! First, you get lunch and dinner five days a week (at least I do). Also, this pays for events that you have on almost a weekly basis (bonus! you never get bored!).

6. Big/Little sisters are pointless

Your big sister is not just a girl that jumps out of a box and hugs you. She is your best friend while you are away from home. All I know is that once I left for college and did not see my older sister everyday like I used to, having my new big sister at my sorority helped to bring me so much happiness.

7. All the girls are fake towards one another

Girls can always be catty towards one another, however, with sororities it is different. You now consider all of these women your family and you have a bond holding you guys together. Hence, not fake towards each other because we all just want more friends.

8. They change you

I will admit, my older sister did call me out for "changing" once I joined a sorority. When you are in a sorority, the only things that change are the amount of clothes you have (because now you have access to hundreds of other girls' clothes) and your number of friends increase significantly.

9. Don't actually do real community service

There is a large amount of fund raising between every single chapter at each school, the philanthropic events, Dance Marathon, and the list goes on and on. Greek life contributes a large sum of money every year to benefits, research, and charities.

10. What sorority / "tier" you are in matters

Now, I know that some people are going to read this last point and be like "oh she is just saying that because she is probably in a bottom tier sorority." Boys do not care whether you are in a sorority or not- so I highly doubt that they will care which chapter you are a part of. Additionally, it is known that girls are supportive and kind between chapters.

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5 Steps to Taking and Posting a Bomb.com Picture

Whether you post frequently or not, these are some steps to take!

Our generation is very active on social media. Some of us post every day while others post every two days, three days etc. Whether you post frequently or not, these are some steps to take in order to snap and post a nice picture to get a satisfying amount of 'likes'.

1. Use different poses

This includes different arm and leg placement and different smiles and head turns.

2. Take Multiple

Taking multiple pictures is good because when you sit down, ready to post, you don't want to be disappointed when the only picture you took was a lame one.

3. Find your light

Sometimes you can take a nice picture and when you go to edit it, you can't do much because the natural light was horrible. Start with finding the light, then proceed to step 4.

4. Edit it

If need be, up the brightness, saturation, contrast, and exposure. Of course, don't go overboard, the point of this is to basically improve the lighting if you can't find any naturally "good" light.

5. Post it

My studies have shown that if you post during mid-afternoon or between 1am-2am, you will end up with a nice bit of 'likes'. ESPECIALLY if it's a nice picture.

**When applicable and convenient, get someone to take a photo of you. That's the moneymaker!**

Cover Image Credit: 635 by GTBank

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