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5 Reasons Why Long Islanders Should Check Out SLIME

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Fashion, robots, art, 3D printers, you name it they have it.

Students of Long Island Maker Expo is an incredible collaborative collection of “makers” (k-12). But what does that mean and why should Long Islanders check it out? “Makers” are groups, individuals, clubs, or organizations who all create things- and by “things”, ANYTHING GOES! Thanks to Kristina A. Holzweiss, SLIME Founder/Director and Gina Seymour, SLIME Co-Director, Long Islanders will be able to see how amazing Maker Expos are! Here's why you should check it out:

1. It's FREE! What's better than that?

Honestly if you don’t like free stuff, you’re lying.

2. It's all inclusive "making."

“SLIME allows families to have a fun hands-on day with activities ranging from recyclable crafting to robotics. Exposure to high tech, lo-tech and no tech.” – Kristina Holsweiss, SLIME Founder/Director. So seriously anything goes, whether you’re artsy, into science or both this event has cool activities geared for children grades k-12.

3. You will be LIVING for this rubbish couture!

At this makerexpo there will be a fashion show called Trash to Fashion in which people will show off their fully recycled trash inspired fashion. The contestants will show off their homemade “trashy” clothing- this is sure to be wild. You will be screaming “yas werk!” the whole time for sure!

Last year's Trash to Fashion Show

4. If you prefer “making” on the techy side of things- you’re in luck!

There will be SEVERAL robotics clubs and even a 3D printer! This should seriously be interesting to see what Long Island kids have been able to create/use/program at their age. They will show you their generations’ technology skills and what is in store for the future.

5. Not in the K-12 range? No big deal! There will be major networking opportunities.

Even though the activities are *aimed* at children who are k-12, you can still enjoy the stands. If you are planning to be or you already are an educator (home school instructors, teachers, tutors etc.) or a parent this event will give you a chance to meet other like-minded people. Anyone interested in the Maker Movement, STEM, STEAM, or education overall will be able to network/pass out business cards. It is expected for around 400 to attend so start printing out those cards asap!

So, Long Islanders, get your FREE tickets to SLIME online here. The event will be May 7, 2016 from 9am-1pm at the Bayshore Middle School. Or if you would like to sponsor the event or volunteer go here. Thanks to Kristina Holsweiss and Gina Seymour Long Islanders will have the chance to experience something big! For more information on these outstanding makers visit their "who we are page".

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