Long distance relationships: I would have never thought that those three little words could make me so nervous and afraid. No, I'm not talking about long distance relationships with your significant other, I'm talking about LDR's with your best friends, your true soulmates. I've had the same best friends since I was 6 years old, and I knew that leaving for college was going to be a whirlwind of emotions, both positive and negative. I never would have thought that I would miss a group of people so much, but here I am, away from home and missing them now more than ever. Long distance relationships are hard, they take work, but they are possible. Here are some tips to make your LDR a good one.

1. Communication is key.

Talking to your friends every day, whether it be in a group text or a FaceTime call, is a great way to keep in touch with all of your pals. I text my best friends just about every day, even if it's about something small. We've always known everything about each other, so why stop that when getting to college?

2. Count down to seeing each other.

I love making plans with my friends, and one of the ways I get excited about going home and seeing them all together again is by keeping track of how many days I have left before we're all reunited. It surprisingly makes the year go by faster, and I always feel giddy when I get to that 10 days left mark.

3. Road trips.

Road trips in general are fun, so offer me a road trip to go see my best friend in her element at school and you have a deal. Planning road trips are always a good time because your friend gets to show you what they experience on campus every day. You get a taste of their life at their home away from home while making some new memories along the way.

4. Be open about everything.

Even when you leave for college, your best friend will still be your best friend. Continue to open up to him or her the way that you would at home, even if they might not know exactly what you're going through or why it has such a big effect on you. I promise they will still give you their opinion and try to help you get through it.

5. Commit.

If you make a date to FaceTime, follow through with it. It's important to commit to your friendship, just as you would with a relationship. I think that friends are sometimes put on the back burner because life happens, but if you both are working to keep the friendship alive, then nothing could go wrong.