Saying goodbye to your best friends for the second time is incredibly tough.

I recently said goodbye to my long-distance best friends, and I was on the verge of tears to see them go.

We had originally met at a concert, waiting in line for twelve hours together. I met one online beforehand, and the rest seemed to fall into place.

There is nothing better than spending time with people you automatically click with, and this is what it was like for my girls. Fate decided for us to wait in line together, and for some reason, we all liked each other enough to continue talking.

It's crazy to think we are all around the world. Two of us are in Illinois, two are in Oklahoma, and one is in London. Sure, our schedules hardly correspond to one another, but someone we always make it a joint effort to be apart of each other's lives, no matter how tough it can get.

We have spoken to one another every day since June 14th of this year. They were the first group chat I was ever in, and we make it more hilarious each day that follows.

We always have something in the works to meet up again, because I'll go crazy not seeing them on a regular basis.

My friends are all incredibly unique and hilarious individuals, and I wouldn't have them any other way. They are the first thing I look at when I wake up and go to sleep. They are who I tell my stupid jokes too, and they always give me a pity laugh. The friends I always try to skype with because I need to see their faces.

It is impossible to describe each one of them because I cannot put into words my immense appreciation for them. Every single one of them has brought a light into my life, and I want to always be there for them.

Traveling has never been more exciting or fun because they make it an enjoyable experience. Waiting in line in the heat or cold seems like no big issue because I have them by my side. Most of all, I have lifelong friends I will always treasure.

I am so proud to call them my best friends, and I don't plan on letting them go.