There are always your two general groups of friends. The ones on campus or in school - and the ones outside of school, far away from everyday life but yet they still are extremely involved in your life. Perhaps they even know more about you than your friends who are "closer" to you and here's why:

1. They don't know anything so they have to believe everything you say

Because they've never seen anyone, spoken to anyone, or been around anyone on your campus - you can tell them whatever you want and they, (as your best friends) have to believe you. If you call someone ugly, then they will agree with you. If someone did something out of pocket to you, your friends have to trust you when you say that that said person is the devil.

2. They will defend you always

Because they can only go off of information that you tell them, they have to trust you. So when you see the person you hate in public, they also see the same person and will automatically hate that person too. And if said person tries to come at you, you have your off campus clique to back you up will all the "facts" you told them.

3. They are always there to listen to what you have to say

If something happens to you, and you don't have your on-campus buddies to share it with, just send your off-campus homies a quick text and the likely hood of them responding is very high, and if it's you giving your opinion about someone, they will probably agree with everything you say. Why? Because they aren't involved with you face-to-face, so they need to be involved in any way they can.

4. When they come to your campus for the weekend, it's a 48 hour long party

As soon as they step onto campus, all other priorities are gone. It's all in or all out. You go out and drunk every night, wake up late, eat good food, spend money and not care about going broke, cry about the past, and hug it out when it's all done.

5. For the off campus friends who aren't in college yet

For your bffs from high school who are now seniors, you get to teach them all about what your college is like and how it's better than literally everything else. You dictate their college decision more than their parents do. You get to mentor them and it's so much fun!

6. So how can you stay close with your off campus bffs?

1. My best friend from middle school goes to UNCC now and we both have 8 a.m classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, so to celebrate having to get up early we send each other funny memes and old vines on the same days we are up early! Try making an alarm and sending each other daily messages!

2. Plan a day where you and your high school senior friend or maybe a possible transfer student bff, to visit your school so you can tell them all about how everything is better at YOUR university.

3. Invite them over for a weekend where you guys can explore campus and the surrounding area, and of course get drunk, party, and gossip together.

4. Go out for a weekend, same thing as above just a different place.

5. Send them cute pics of you guys from the past, or even better - encourage them to send you a care package, because everyone knows college students need it.