Lonely Shoes

I'm writing this poem though inspiration from a suicide awareness campaign. In this campaign, there are 1,000 shoes to bring awareness to suicide and it reminded me that often when someone commits suicide by jumping off a building, or drown themselves they leave their shoes and a note behind. Warning this is sad, and may hold triggers.

They are the lonely shoes,

Left carefully on the roof,

Or carefully in the sand,

A short note folded neatly,

Then gently left inside,

His last words,

Her last words,

The last bit of their voices,

That will no longer be heard,

These lonely shoes,

Left alone,

Leaving behind that last bit of hope,

These shoes once held all their dreams,

They took them place to place,

As they tried so desperately,

to find their purpose,

But now,

They are just another pair,

Of lonely shoes,

Of lost memories,

And of lost dreams.

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