Loki Is A Trans Icon, I Appreciate That
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Loki Is A Trans Icon, I Appreciate That

As a Trans Man and a lover of all things Marvel and Loki, I thought this would be a good start to Pride Month for me.

Loki Is A Trans Icon, I Appreciate That

Disclaimer: Most of my knowledge comes from Norse Myths and Loki from Earth-616 in the comics.

1. Loki's Many Forms

Loki has taken on many forms throughout the comic books, from child Loki to old Loki, human Loki to hulk Loki, those who are fans of him have seen it all. Each form is an extension of himself, each holds a part of the original (if there even is one), and each is very much Loki. The many Lokis each have a base personality with some defining traits that separate them all from each other, and that is a key point in what it means to be Trans and/or Queer.

This is very important to and for trans people because as we come to find ourselves, we go through many different versions of us before we find the self we are most comfortable with. For me personally, I became more feminine to compensate for my discomfort with my body, thinking that would fix it, and soon realized that I was doing the opposite of what I should have been doing. I feel like that is what Loki has been doing.

2. Lady Loki

Lady Loki, in all her glory, is one form of Loki who is known by me as a rather evil being who just loves attention and glory, much like her male counterparts, but tenfold. She is a beautiful being, taking on very feminine traits to get what she wants. She is constant and respected and this is very important when it comes to the Drag Queens. Drag Queens fought for our rights, and are still fighting for them, and Lady Loki reminds me of that.

3. His Fluidity

Loki has been known to go back and forth between his male and female form, making him out to be Non-binary or Gender-fluid, and I find that to be extremely nice considering Marvel is a huge corporation, but they still have a lot of LGBTQA+ friendly material (Young Avengers holds a lot of this). As a Trans Male who does like to show off my femininity sometimes, following Loki and his antics in both forms is comforting. It helps me come to terms with the fact that I don't always have to prove that I am male, that as long as I know it, no one else's opinion matters.

Something a lot of people forget is that the white strip in the Trans flag is for non-gender conforming individuals and that is why I am reminding you of that. Loki is a Gender-fluid God who can be affiliated with Trans culture.

4. His Children

So I'm digging into Norse Mythology for this, but I knew most of this from my younger years. Loki is known for his promiscuous behavior, which has gifted him many children that he is forbidden to see due to Odin finding it not to his liking. By his wife, Sigyn, Loki has two children, Narfi and Vali. By his lover, Angrboda, he had the children, Hel (Goddess of Death), Fenrir (the Wolf), and Jormungandr (the World Serpent). He is the father to all these kids, but the mother of Sleipnir (Odin's steed). You read that correctly, mother of Sleipnir. Loki transformed into a mare and had sex with a steed to later birth Sleipnir. And yes, once again, you did read that correctly.

Something that you don't hear a lot about within the LGBTQA+ community and the Trans community specifically for the younger generation is having children, most wanting to adopt or not have any at, but Loki is a great example of not caring all that much about his gender and having kids as both. Being trans but having a kid using your biological sex is a rather touchy topic, many people thinking it goes against everything you have tried so hard to prove, but I believe it is quite the opposite. You are embracing something you have tried so hard to get away from, and that makes your identity so much stronger because you are comfortable enough with where you are as a person to have a child, and that earns my respect.

5. Odin's Recognition

Now, this might come as a surprise for many who do not follow and read the comic books which hold Loki and all his mischief, but Odin very much recognizes Loki not only as his son but also as his daughter. This can be seen in the image above, and I find it very touching considering everything else Odin has done to Loki not only in Norse mythology but also in the comics.

I would also like to say how important this scene is for Trans people (and any member of the LGBTQA+ community), seeing as our parents are such huge parts of our lives, and their thoughts on our 'lifestyle' do matter so much. The fact that Odin is accepting and willing to bend what he says in order to make Loki more comfortable is truly touching, and goes to show that it is not hard to call someone by their correct pronouns and to see them as their correct gender. Being trans is hard enough, with the world trying to change who you are, and if those closest to you don't accept you, that makes it so much harder.

Loki has meant a lot to me over the years, and due to his many forms, has made him really easy to relate to. Thank you, Stan Lee and everyone else who has worked on him over the years.

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