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Logo Design Company

A logo design company as the term suggests is a business that specializes in designing logos amongst other types of graphics. Most logo design businesses also design business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.

Starting a logo design company may not be for everyone because it is a creative endeavor that requires a computer, color-accurate screen, expensive design software, and the required skills.

It is also essential that you and the people working for you be interested in researching as much as you are passionate about designing. Before you can start creating logos for your customers, you need to analyze the industry to identify your clients’ target audience and what type of logo will resonate with them. The research will also help stimulate your creativity and help avoid making the mistake of designing a logo that resembles your clients’ competitors.

So, in a nutshell, starting a logo design business will require:

  • A few years of logo design and graphic design experience
  • Commercial digital designing software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.
  • A color-accurate monitor with a powerful computer
  • A marketing and advertising strategy to pull in clients

How to Start A Logo Design Service?

The first step in starting a successful logo design business is to understand your potential clients. Many clients want a simple, modern, and unique look for their company's brand. If anything, having prior logo design experience, especially working with clients, will be helpful. Alternatively, it would help if you had professionals with this experience. That way when a client says “we want something modern.” You know what they are talking about.

Step no. 1

Everyone wants to make money doing business so let’s start with the obvious, i.e., compensation. If you are looking for a good starting point, you can expect to make about $200-500 per logo which can take a couple of hours to design If you're a beginner, be prepared for several revision requests. The key to success is keeping your customers happy, which means revise till they are happy.

Step no. 2

One of the most important steps in starting a logo design company is to find a client. This is easier said than done. However, you should have a website, register your business, and start advertising. Most people find local advertising the most effective, like running print ads in the newspaper. You can also experiment with pay-per-click ads like AdWords. Like every aspect of your business, getting clients will cost you money. So, be prepared to spend money to start getting leads. Alternatively, if you have the budget hire a third-party digital marketing company to handle it for you, Kukoo Creative is a prime example.

Step no. 3

As a logo designer, you can design a logo for just about any business under the sun. However, professional logo design businesses tend to cater to specific types of customers. So, having a clear target market is a crucial step.

Think, if you want to start providing your services to medium, large or small businesses. Would you instead work with small local brands? Defining your clientele makes it easier to come up with a workable marketing strategy.

Step no. 4

The next important step is to build credibility. Those first few clients are crucial because they will get the ball rolling, so to speak. That’s why you want to leave an excellent first impression, which in this case means excellent customer service and a brilliant logo that they love.

When designing a logo, it's a good idea to take a step back and remember that the logo is part of a much larger visual system. Every phase of the project has its own process, goal, and deliverable. Choosing the right colors can for a logo make or break it for your clients. So, communicate with the client to get as much input as necessary.

Starting As A Freelancer

If the overhead of starting a logo design business isn’t something you can afford, then you can start as a freelancer. However, freelancers don’t get paid as much as companies, but it all depends on how you network with existing clients, friends, and family.

There are a lot of opportunities to become a freelancer. A freelancer offers service without working for a particular company. Because the business is run independently, you can set your prices and set your own schedule. This is the easiest way to break into the industry as a novice. However, it will require you to focus on your own branding.

If you decide to work as a freelancer, you should always offer a free consultation or a free trial to get started. This will allow you to test the waters and develop your skills before hiring others.

You'll also need to enter an online marketplace. If your initial clients are satisfied with your work, you can expand the service. Once you've established yourself as a logo designer, it becomes possible to extend the service and start charging more.

Final Word

A logo design company often does more than just design logos. Most companies also engage in digital marketing, website design, and designing other forms of marketing collateral. However, if you are starting out, working as a logo designer offers two distinct advantages. The first is that the logo is the first thing that most businesses start with, which means you then have the opportunity to work with the business on other designs like their website, flyers, social media ads, etc. the other significant advantage is that becoming a logo designer has a low barrier to entry. As long as you have experience, creativity, and the required skills, you can make a decent living.

We would also like to highlight that getting into logo design isn’t for those who want to make a quick buck. Starting and running a logo design business is painstakingly challenging. It is also immensely time-consuming. Once you finally start getting well-paying clients, you know that the business is doing well, but it will only truly grow when you start hiring talented designers to take on the workload and interact with clients.

Kukoo Creative is a prime example of a company that specialises in bespoke logo. Check them out!

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