Logan Paul Is A Professional Manipulator Who Used Suicide As Clickbait

Logan Paul Is A Professional Manipulator Who Used Suicide As Clickbait

The YouTuber tried to capitalize off of tragedy, and in doing so, may have ruined his career.

To those of you who don’t know who Logan Paul is, congratulations.

The 22-year-old YouTube creator, with a combined 51 million followers, may have just ended his career with one 15-minute video.

On New Year’s Eve, Paul uploaded a since-deleted vlog in which he and his friends explored Aokigahara, Japan. Also known as "Suicide Forest," Aokigahra is known for its high suicide rates, with an estimated 10 to 30 suicides per year. In 2003, a record 105 bodies were recovered.

Paul was disrespectful from the beginning of the vlog, obnoxiously joking with his friends as they arrived and asking any spirits in the forest to refrain from haunting them. As he put on a jacket before entering the forest, he joked, "if I'm getting haunted by a ghost, I'm gonna do it in my fucking Gucci jacket, I wanna look good."

At the midpoint of the vlog, the group encounters what they later confirmed to be the body of a recent suicide victim hanging from a tree. While Paul's friends giggled, he pointed out that "this isn't a fucking joke, guys" as he continued filming.

Only blurring out the victim's head, Paul filmed himself with the victim in the background as he asked the group's tour guide to call the authorities.

In arguably the most upsetting part of the video, Paul gets as close as possible to the victim, showing a close-up of the victim's hands, noting their purple color.

Paul then claims suicide and mental health awareness as his reasoning for filming the victim, noting that "depression isn't a joke, guys, suicide isn't a joke."

Except, Logan Paul, filming the body of a person who committed suicide not even 24 hours before you decided to joke around in a place only second to the Golden Gate Bridge in its suicide rates is not "raising awareness."

It's exploitation.

Contrary to his disingenuous apology posted on Twitter, Paul was, in fact, doing this for views. He filmed the victim as clickbait in a move to get the most views, most likes and most intense shock factor.

All he wants is attention and money.

And that's exactly what he got – the video reached over six million views and was number 10 on YouTube's Trending feed before it was taken down.

Yes, this was just a YouTube video. No, Paul really isn't that famous.

But since the majority of his 15 million subscribers on YouTube are impressionable kids and teenagers who he regularly manipulates with wild clickbait, this is a big deal.

Paul's loyal followers, which he calls the "Logang," quickly came to his defense, most claiming he only made a mistake and should be forgiven.

This support was short-lived, and other YouTube creators and celebrities publicly condemned Paul.

Actress and YouTube creator Anna Akana reminded Paul that her own sister committed suicide, adding, "you do not walk into a suicide forest with a camera and claim mental health awareness."

YouTube creator Kendall Rae called the video "sickening" and asked YouTube to remove the video "immediately."

Even high-profile celebrities like journalist Piers Morgan, "Breaking Bad's" Aaron Paul and "Game of Thrones'" Sophie Turner slammed Paul.

Vlogger Casey Neistat gave Paul advice, suggesting he "make a donation to the National Suicide Lifeine [sic]" or invite "experts in the field to share information about prevention" on Paul's channel.

Adding fuel to the fire, Paul posted an additional video apology on Twitter, in which he offered his condolences to his fans, the victim and the victim's family, subsequently requesting that his followers not defend him.

While Paul may appear sincere in his apology, he did wait two whole days to make the video, and, again, left the original forest vlog uploaded for 24 hours, just enough time for him to make a profit.

The majority of the YouTube community is calling for his channel to be suspended or deleted, and even after YouTube released an official statement on the matter to YouTube's go-to creator for news and controversy, Philip DeFranco, the company's plans are unclear.

What is clear, however, is that Logan Paul is no stranger to manipulation. He tried to capitalize off of tragedy, and in doing so, may have ruined his livelihood.

I don't feel bad for him, and neither should you.

If you are struggling with depression, self-harm or suicidal thoughts, do not hesitate to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text WELL to 741-741 to speak or text with certified counselors.

Cover Image Credit: Logan Paul / YouTube

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Cover Image Credit: Hollywood Reporter

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4 Books That I Have Been Recommended By My Students

I often get book recommendations from my students so I'm sharing some here.


Today, one of my students recommended a book to me that I had never heard of before. I always maintain the fact that no teacher is ever so knowledgable that they themselves cannot be a student from time to time. Hearing an eager, young reader fiercely insist that I read their current favorite book was encouraging. To hear any student advocating for a book fills me with pride as I, myself, was an avid reader at their age.

The books that I have listed below are ones that my students have recommended to me over the last few months. They are surprisingly varied and even come from different genres. I am very thankful for my students and more than anything, I am thankful that they are excited enough to share their favorites with me.

1. The Serpent's Secret


I was recommended The Serpent's Secret today when one of my students and I connected over our shared Indian heritage. She excitedly told me that I "have" to read the book because it is one of her favorites. She specifically asked me to watch out for interesting references to Indian sweets and snacks that are present throughout the book.

2. Robinson Crusoe


Although this is an older classic that I had heard of and read before, I was mostly recommended this book by a majority of my students. I concluded that it was because they had most recently read this book in class. Nevertheless, I was excited by their apparent interest in the classics.

3. Treasure Island


Treasure Island was the same for me when it came to being shocked by my students' apparent interest in more classic tales. When I asked the class what their favorite books were, more than half had a favorite book that was written more than 50 years ago or older.

4. Wonder


This book was also recently made into a film, and the combination of the two made my previous classroom of students, from last year, particularly excited.

These are some of the books that my kiddos have told me about over time. Hearing what they are reading keeps me relevant and I get to understand my students at a different level. Book choices reflect personalities and identities, along with their interests. Knowing what they're reading and the fact that they are willing to share that with me increases the trust between us and helps form stronger teacher-student relationships.

I will be reading these books as soon as possible, and they will be the very tippy top of my reading list. I have also been sharing some of my favorite books with my students. I even brought a complete collection of Shakespeare's works to class today, which they each took a turn looking at. Oh, and also, the books that they share are always really fun!

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